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Godzilla Singular Point

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The trailers were better than the show. 80% of Godzilla Singular Point was a small handful of characters talking about make believe non-plausible or even remotely believable science and half of that dialogue took place in text message form while us as the viewer literally stare at the characters phone screens for 10 minutes at a time. Better watch it in english because I don't see anyone reading subtitles that fast. The monsters were good, but there wasn't enough action, and what action we did have, none of the characters ever showed any actual sense of danger. That was more unbelievable than all the BS science they kept talking about. There are monsters all over the place about to murder everyone and every character's reactions are so deadpan its as if nobody fears anything, and I mean every character from the main characters, regular people walking down the street, tv news anchors, etc. Its basically a potential extinction level event for humanity in the making and literally everyone is completely chill. wtf. :confused: And also, Godzilla is barely in this until the end of the season. If not for Jet Jaguar every character would have been dead before we hit the halfway point of the season.

Also, consider this series a completely different alternate universe for everything Godzilla related. All the monsters, Godzilla itself, Jet Jaguar, all of it is completely unrelated to anything ever done with anything related to Godzilla. The other Netflix Godzilla series, "Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters" is also an alternate universe of Godzilla as well, but it was the superior of these series. 

BTW, the end of the last episode does have an after credits scene that leads into a potential season 2.


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Both anime series were extremely disappointing. I think I fell asleep for a few eps of this one and didn't even care to go back and rewatch. How can we get anime so right until it comes to Godzilla?

Seriously, just watch SSSS.GRIDMAN and SSSS.DYNAZENON for a good Kaiju anime.


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