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Morbius - Trailer

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The only version of Morbius I remember was the villain in the old Spider-Man cartoon. I think he had to consume blood from his hands instead of using fangs even though he had them. It was an interesting take on a different kind of vampire, more like a mutant man-bat... man bat instead of bat man for obvious reasons, that and he literally looked more like a bat/man hybrid like at the end of the trailer. I'm wondering if Sony is trying to make their own Marvel universe with just their Spider-man license. They'll spin off every villain into its own movie and maybe have a big crossover movie? That would be interesting since they are going with more dark themes like Venom and Morbius.


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All of these "kind of evil" characters getting their own PG-13 movies just remind me why Dark Universe failed.

These will probably be as successful as Venom.

But after Deadpool (2016) they just don't excite me the way an R Rated movie would.

I never became who I wanted to be, & I doubt I ever will.

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