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Upgrades coming "soon"

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I have some upgrades planned for the site that could be happening as soon as this weekend.. or not. lol. I keep getting distracted by my puppies and work and I haven't had the time to do much lately except play some random games and often going AFK from everything. One of the upgrades I have planned is to add a security certificate to the site so all urls will be https. Alot of the newest browser versions are starting to flag all websites that allow logins as insecure if they don't have a HTTPS/security certificate connection. Its never been much of an issue on small sites like this one since we don't handle financial transactions. But from what I've read, within a year or so some browsers might straight up start blocking websites that handle any login info as malicious if they don't have a security certificate. Depending on your browser now, you might even get a warning message when logging in. Nothing has changed on my server's end. Its just browsers, mostly google, trying to enforce a more secure internet.


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