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Routers or Switches help needed.

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Cisco-Linksys BEFSR81 Cable/DSL Router with 8-PT Switch

Wait, were you a Router or a Switch?

I need to buy a new Router or Switch.... Preferably something without Wi-Fi. Is there a difference between the 2 or are they the same? Because my last Router didn't have Wi-Fi. But all the new Routers do. And the Switches I've seen don't have Wi-Fi.

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Don't buy a switch, buy a router. That model you have is referring to the 8 ports you can plug into the back of it as the 'switch'. A normal switch lets you hook up a bunch of PC's via wired connection like old LAN parties back in the day. But all modern routers have firewalls built into them. What you had was a router and you'll want to buy a new router to replace it. :)

I just checked slickdeals.net and this router could be good for you:


$25 for an AC1200 router is pretty damn nice, but reviews on amazon make it sound like the wifi is not reliable. But since you don't want wifi anyway, just plug your PC into the ethernet port and don't worry about the wifi since all wifi's are already password protected out of the box. Every router does has an admin screen you can get into and make changes to the wifi settings, change the wifi password or possibly turn the wifi off depending on the router's options. Pretty much all routers are wifi by default nowadays as far as I know but you can either turn it off or set the name of your wifi to not broadcast so nobody can even see that you have wifi. The only downside I see to this router is no gigabit connection. But unless you are doing high speed transfers of files between two PCs over your home network connection I wouldn't worry about it. That and unless your PC even has a gigabit port. As far as I know mine does, but I've never seen the need to have a gigabit connection. If you don't want wifi, just about any cheap router will work fine for you. Even a cheap low end belkin router has 300 mbps connections that is faster than most internet connections:


If you've never looked at the admin screen for a router before, google search the brand of the router with admin screen and you can see what the interface looks like.




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