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Its a Free To Play game that is still in Beta. Its based off of Home Tycoon which you could only play on PS Home. I got my Beta Key on Friday, but didn't start playing until after 12 AM ET. Its still kind of buggy but I'm enjoying it about as much as I did Home Tycoon.

It differs greatly from Home Tycoon however by how building effect an area instead of a whole city. Electricity as far as I can tell acts the same way as money. You collect it in a certain area & later spend it. Workers are still the most boring part that they brought back from Home Tycoon to BCS. Whether its better or worse Workers regenerate at certain buildings. So its best not to destroy the worker building you're given unless you intend on spending real money.

Graphically it looks better than Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (as in without mods). But then again SR2 & PSH look better than ES IV. Comparing BCS to just HT I'd say overall that BCS looks better. Well except for BCS avatar creation which looks kind of goofy.

There are features coming to BCS according to options that aren't available yet. But I won't be typing about those until they're actually available.

I might not spend any real money on BCS until its available to everyone as I rather not risk wasting my money.

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Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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2 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

I just saw this video for it and this has some good potential. Create an entire city and then go exploring all over the place. Thats pretty cool.

Everything that was in that video was also in the beta version I got. Hopefully more people will play Big City Stories since it isn't tied to PS Home like Home Tycoon was.

Purely my experience with Big City Stories so far.

  1. Plenty of NPCs & my avatar's head tend to clip through car roofs. My avatar's head clipping issue was fixed when I made it shorter in height.
  2. Its easier to run over zombies than shoot them. There's suppose to be ammo I can find, but I never found it. A Gas Station is a must for refueling cars during this activity. I should probably try this activity again with a topless car. I don't know if zombies can kill me but I doubt it. Also you can't run over people who aren't zombies.
  3. Some small objects I placed in the game clipped through the ground. I found this out sometime after trying to pull a Chris Christie at the bridge entrance.

Big City Stories > Home Tycoon

  1. Naming The City & customizable signs. (Such as Here Lies Andy Peperoni & Cheese)
  2. Buildings can be upgraded.
  3. Driving isn't behind a paywall like it originally was in Home Tycoon. You can "borrow" any car you see driving around. And even make a little money as an Uber Driver. Though being an Uber Driver isn't as fun I'd hope. I was hoping for something more like Crazy Taxi.
  4. Collecting Cash (or Electricity) in the overhead map doesn't require workers. But it now feels a bit more or less tedious.
  5. Hospitals & Zoos (& maybe Nuclear Power Plants) are free.
  6. One of the new cars driving around, the Crusader, has easily became my favorite. (Its the one that looks like a Modern Day Muscle Car)
  7. Home Tycoon didn't have a Zombie Activity.
  8. The Water Tower isn't red so I can stop imagining Rico Rodriguez destroying it.

Big City Stories < Home Tycoon

  1. Big City Stories lacks the floating suitcases that randomly gave cash or workers. I don't think they're coming back.
  2. Big City Stories lacks Helicopters. I don't know if they're coming back or being replaced.
  3. Big City Stories (Currently) lacks Activities & by extension actual story missions for the Fire Department & Hospital. I miss that loud mouth Fire Fighter already.
  4. Currently there are no Sports Stadiums. Home Tycoon had Football, Football (Soccer), & Olympic Stadiums. The Former 2 you had to actually buy. If they come back I expect them to be expansions.
  5. There are no "illegal" street races (they were part of a Home Tycoon expansion). But maybe they'll comeback. Part of me thinks the Garage Mechanic might replace the Vin Diesel parody character.
  6. I miss the bickering that use to happen between the pro-environment business & anti-environment business. That's probably gone because it was easier to side with the one that was better for the environment.
  7. Housing in Big City Stories doesn't generate money like it did in Home Tycoon.
  8. Big City Stories doesn't have a building that ties into Novus Prime.
  9. Big City Stories replaced Home Tycoon's Giant Black Panther with an Elephant when it comes to the Zoo.

Beyond that I had 2 pics from Home Tycoon. One was with The Zoo's Big Black Panther. The other one was The "Nude" Beach. In that last pic you can barely see The Novus Prime Building near The Town Hall with Donut Shop behind it.

You can find those pics in the 2nd link to this link once you scroll down to "Re: Epic Avatar Pix: 10 Pic Trophy" as I've posted about these pics before.


Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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Big City Stories officially released on August 23rd. (But came out of Beta on August 22nd.)

The one day head start was absolutely worthless for me as BCS was missing content, the server went down, & they didn't save my city.

Since then the problems with the server has slowly improved.

Though I think they would've had less problems if they just gave Mayors an offline mode for their own cities.

I know one issue I've had with visitors is they might be able to do a little bit of changes to your city while you're making changes.

One was where someone edited the text I put on the tombstone & the other was when my zombie head was saved in a different location.

Also the Zoo (expansion) is no longer free.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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