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Aspartame Linked to Leukemia and Lymphoma

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i've been an advocate against Aspartame for years. I'll let any of my friends know my disapproval of their diet soda drinks. I really dislike all artificial sweeteners. Shit aint natural.


What is funny is how our lovely government agencies have allowed this product to be served for us for years, but told us Coconut Oil was bad for us, along with Butter... which while they may be in unhealthy doses as anything is, neither are as bad as they were made out to be. This allowed the margarine industry to explode... and flies wont even touch the stuff.




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Me and Lady have been saying the same thing about aspartame for years too. We won't touch the stuff. I had a few diet sodas as a kid and I swear it tastes like aspirin. Almost everything involving the government is scewed towards money. Every company is part of some association that lobbys for laws that restrict something so they can profit. "Big Margarine" probably lobbied for studies against butter, just like "Big Pharma" lobbied for asthma medicine to change the aerosol in asthma inhalers because the expellant "was bad for the ozone layer". So they got their way and now all asthma inhalers have Propylene glycol as the expellant now. Its basically a non flammable propane. Yeah, thats healthier. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they were able to re-copyright all their asthma medications and all my generic medicine changed from $90 for 3 months worth to roughly $260 every 3 months. My insurance now covers $600+ more than before. I still don't use my medicine correctly. I have to make it last. Btw, Propylene Glycol is the primary ingredient in e-cig fluid. Everyone that says they're only exhaling water vapor don't realize its an oil based liquid they are pumping in their lungs. But of course there will be other studys (funded by the e-cig companies) that show it could actually be healthy for people because its in asthma medicines. Wrong. The only reason its in asthma medicine was for copyright money not for health reasons.

Back to the subject of artificial sweeteners, stay away from Xylitol. This sweetener needs to be banned ASAP. Without properly testing it, companies started throwing this arificial sweetener into bubblegum, peanut butter and other products. This crap literally kills dogs within 15 minutes of ingestion because it spikes their insulin and puts them into full diabetic shock. Guess what people like to do? Throw their gum on the sidewalk. Instead of companies finding new ways to lower calories while still keeping things sweet, they need to stop with the chemicals and instead focus on helping to change the actual eating and drinking habits of their customers. Government will ban or issue warnings about all kinds of crap, but most of it is never in our own interest. I'd say lets have less government, but the companies and organizations that would fill those vacated roles are only in it for profit. We'd be no better off. -_-;

I still think years and years from now we'll finally get official news that the fluoride in all public water has been unsafe and it'll get significantly lowered or removed (even brita water filters cannot filter it out). Instead of having kids and adults learn how to properly take care of their teeth through educational awareness programs, the government puts fluoride in the water instead because its easier.


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