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Facebook Pages Are Pointless

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Facebook became as popular as it has because of dumb corporations. Years ago every company jumped on the facebook bandwagon and made a facebook page for every single product, show, movie, etc. I would see billboards on the freeway advertising a product and at the bottom there would be "facebook logo / product" or "facebook.com/nbc" or some crap like that. Companies decided they no longer needed to make their own websites any more. They would simply make a facebook page for everything! They would promote the hell out of their facebook pages through advertisements so they could get as many "likes" as possible. By clicking "Like" on a facebook page, it meant that you would see all of that company's posts in your timeline. NBC took down their own official forums and took down most of the websites for their shows in favor of all their hundreds, possibly thousands of facebook pages.


Years later facebook had an IPO. They now have stock holders that want the company to make money. First facebook let companies that had "Likes" post advertisements on people's friend's feeds as if that person's friend made the post. Facebook stopped doing that after numerous complaints during the last presidential election.


So here it is now.. for the last year+ Facebook has put a new money making strategy into effect. All those company's pages out there with their thousands and millions of likes are now all restricted. Even though these companies and individuals invested time and money to promote their facebook pages so they can keep in contact with their customers and fans easier, Facebook itself is using that against them all. Including us. Whenever you make a post to a facebook page, Facebook has a link that says "Boost Post". "Boosting" a post for money will allow me to forcefully place my post into the time lines of the people that have liked my page. "Promote a post" is also available for regular users that have massive followers like George Takei. He has even commented that only 10% of people who follow him will actually see his posts unless he "Promotes them".


We have a Facebook page with 39 likes:




A few years ago, I would post links to it when we did updates. We would often have posts seen by around 30 people, which was fine. People who actually liked the page got to see when a new article was posted. That was the whole point of me making a page for the site. As it is now, Facebook Pages are completely pointless money pits for Facebook to capitalize on.


If you don't pay Facebook money:




You don't get any views:




I was one of the two people that saw this post that I made over 2 weeks ago. Facebook Pages are pointless. I'd say I feel bad for NBC and all those other companies that invested their time and money into their Facebook Pages, but I'm not. They are the ones that made facebook as popular as it is and now they are paying for it. Eventually companies will start focusing their time and effort into their own actual sites again because it'll become cheaper to do that than pay facebook buckets of money for every post they make. And guess which companies still advertise their facebook pages on billboards or in TV commercials? Hardly none, if any, are still dumb enough to promote another company's website that will lead them into a blackhole of facebook payments.


Anyway, the point of this topic is to announce that I will no longer be updating the Ancient Clan Facebook page. Facebook might get around to changing their policy for smaller pages, but until then I have no interest in "Promoting" or "Boosting" anything. Feel free to follow us on twitter or just check back on the site once in a while to see our new posts and articles.




And of course:




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The whole "Likes" thing was messed up to begin with. Without a Dislike & an OK its all one sided.
On the other hand I had a (former) friend from PS Home who decided to make a FB account named "No One" just so he could "Like" George Walker Bush with it.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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The "Likes" system is pointless now. Many pages pay facebook for the user data of their audiences too. Companies also like to do giveaways and contests that require people to "Like" their page to enter the contest, because its cheaper to have a contest to increase your total likes than it is to pay facebook to promote your page as a recommendation in people's timelines.


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The "Likes" system is pointless now. Many pages pay facebook for the user data of their audiences too. Companies also like to do giveaways and contests that require people to "Like" their page to enter the contest, because its cheaper to have a contest to increase your total likes than it is to pay facebook to promote your page as a recommendation in people's timelines.


Yeah, I've seen that too on PS Home advertising for Likes on FB. Too much bribery to get free items & whatnot. I would have been gullible to it too if it weren't for other reasons as to why I quit FB.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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      3) Now that you are on the video page, do not play it. Instead click the HD button to initiate playback in HD.

      4) Once the video is playing you will notice that the Video DownloadHelper icon is now animated and colorful. This means there is a video loaded that you can save. Click the icon and save the video.

      5) For some reason, my screenshot did not grab the drop down menu. It shows the video name as a large garble of numbers and letters because that is how the video is saved on facebook. So rename the video to whatever you want but make sure it keeps the .mp4 extension. Also, if you accidentally started playing your video before hitting the HD button, there will be two .mp4 files listed in the Video DownloadHelper drop down. Because the file names make no sense, simply hover over each one to see the file sizes of the videos. Whichever is the largest is the HD video you want to save.

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      7) Now that your video is uploading, give the video a name, description and type in a bunch of tags so people can find your video easier. Choose a screenshot for your image or make your own, save it and you are all set.

      8) Your Playstation 4 HD videos are now on youtube.

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      This is why I prefer usernames over real names. We've all seen ridiculous comments online over the years but people don't get arrested for a single post they make.. but with facebook, its your real name, your real identity and your real information. One person reports you and the police get full access to your facebook account. I'm guessing this guy probably had more private comments or random stupidity that made authorities think he could actually be a threat.. because if people can get arrested from a single facebook comment.. wtf..
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