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The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection Free on Origin

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The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection is Free on Origin.. but only until July 31 at 10AM Pacific. The Ultimate collection is the original game and all 18 expansions. This is not an "On the House" free game, instead you have to open Origin, click on "Redeem Product Code" and type in:




Thanks to Eppy for this info.


Source: Escapistmagazine


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    • By Sledgstone
      I bought this a little while ago. This bundle is a very good deal.
      Full origin codes for the full set and another set of steam codes for dragon age 1, Dead space 2, bejeweled 3 and mass effect 2.
    • By Sledgstone
      Some of the sales are good, same ones as the last spring and winter sales.. The one thing I see that is a big savings is Titanfall's season pass is currently free:
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      It will be a while before I get to this one. Too many things coming out tomorrow. GTA V and the next episode of GW2 Living World.
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      Bejeweled 3 is free on Origin until October 28.
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