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Contest! Win some free games on Steam!

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This contest is open to all members, admins, mods and new members.


1) There is a new forum that is password protected and located here: Contest


2) The password is a combination of 4 words, spelled in all capital letters with a space in between each word.


3) I have four blogs located here.


4) There is 1 blog entry in each of my 4 blogs that have a single word in all CAPS at the bottom of the page. One word is very easy to find, while another might require a bit more looking.


5) Take all 4 words, figure out what the short sentence is and you will have the password to the forum. Get into the contest forum and follow the directions in there.


6) Once you know the password, remember what it is because the password is based on your browser's current session / cookie. You may have to put it back in again to see the forum.


7) Good Luck!


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