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I know there have been "How would you survive" threads before, and this is somewhat in that vein. I'm working on a story right now, but I want some outside eyes. Most of us have watched our fair share of horror movies, and yell at the characters therein for stupid mistakes...and that is exactly what I want. If you found yourself trapped in the horror/suspense/thriller movie- no matter what series, just the idea o the movie- and had access to the period (if an older or more futuristic) technology, how would you handle it? Would you be elaborate about it? Simple and straightforward? Would you rally your troops or let them fend for themselves?
All I really ask is that you give the movie/genre/series you are in and your plan from there. Thanks in advance to all who contribute! :)

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Jeepers Creepers

You're screwed.... Who thought a Demon that could double as a Superman villain was a good idea?.... Wait he has to eat particular body parts to restore his own?.... Call in the popparazi!.... Maybe they can catch an awkward photo of him swallowing a.... Ew.... Yeah.... I'm not going to finish that sentence.... Although if a demon can feel embarrassment you may not find out for another 23 years. Otherwise make sure you're nowhere near it for 23 days.


Ghost Ship

Don't take the job to repair a boat that has been lost at sea. Oh, you did. Well don't try to take the unmarked gold hidden in the ship. Oh you want to. Well, don't commit any "sins", whatever those are. Oh you did. Damn. Well it was nice knowing you.


Thirteen Ghosts

Be creeped out that someone wants you to live in a Glass House instead of selling it. Don't even walk into it. Hell you already know this place will at least give you creepy thoughts about your hot teenage daughter. Seriously, that's the last thing you never want to think about.


The Cabin In The Woods

Going "Off The Grid" is a terrible idea. You want to go anyway? Fine lets go. Don't go into the basement. *Sniff* Do go into the basement. Don't mess with old antiques. *Sniff* Hey everyone, lets mess with old antiques! (Due to spoilers various Don'ts not added.) Congratulations you have survived but doomed us all!.... By the way you shouldn't sit right there.... Oops, too late.


Resident Evil

Please just save us all from another cliff hanger ending before it can continue....

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rule # 1 TURN ON THE FUCKING LIGHTS WHEN YOU WALK INTO A ROOM!!!!  Every year thousands of terrible characters die because they didn't see the boogie man coming...... Seriously, when you walk into a room the frigin light switch is usually right next to the door.

rule #2 EVERYTHING IS A WEAPON! Pots and pans can smash skulls, shovels can decapitate, bleach in the eyes will blind etc. Pick up the fucking chair and beat a motherfucker with it.

rule #3 BAIT Someone in the group you don't like? Otis his ass. Hobble him and leave him for the killer while you make your escape. Repeat as necessary until all the assholes are gone

rule #4 EYES IN THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD Try to find at least 1 competent person to have your back and cooperate for mutual survival


All of those stupid Would you survive a horror movie? quiz things... I live to the end :P


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