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Australian Sharks Tweeting When Near a Beach

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Because nobody wants to get eaten by a shark (although I have fantasized about it before), 320 sharks known to lurk in the waters off Western Australia have been fitted with tags that will send a tweet from the Surf Life Saving Twitter account if they swim within a kilometer of the shore. That way you know where not to go surfing. Or, if you're like me, where to pick a fair fight.


This is a great idea.


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I'm scared this'll inspire someone to bring back Jabber Jaw or Street Sharks.... Or Scary Movie.... I can imagine it now....


Dumb-Ass Surfer - Aw Dude, Hold On I got a tweet!

????? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvCI-gNK_y4

Dumb-Ass Surfer - Like, I don't get it....

*Dumb-Ass Surfer gets killed by a shark*

Edited by Myk JL

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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