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Playstation 4 - First Impressions

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I got my hands on a PS4 and so far, I'm not overly impressed. lol. I really need to get my hands on a next gen game to see this system's full potential. Out of the box though, the system is smaller than my PS3 slim, it weighs less and the controller is noticeably more comfortable in my hands. As it is, it feels like an upgraded PS3. The share option seems nice. Once you hit the share button it will save the video footage of the game you are playing, plus the previous 15 minutes for editing and uploading. I haven't tried it yet though.


The controller speaker caught me by surprise. It was noticeably loud.. it was as loud as basic tv speakers, which really surprised me. The controller also has a cool looking touchpad which is also a pushable button.. I was hoping I could have used that touchpad for easy swype typing, but it does not appear to have that functionality. There is no PS Home, but instead of interacting with people's avatars, the system lets me easily interact with real people via watching their game streams or shows. I have my PSN ID set to only show my username and it looks like many people are using that same option.


I like that my PSN account is the same as my PS3, but when I view friends online I don't see how to distinguish if someone is online on their PS3 or PS4.. and when I was on PS3, I could not see any of my friends online if they were logged into their PS4s. It seems a bit odd that I could potentially send a friend a message and they'd only see me as offline.


This system must be all about the games because there isn't many huge features that are must needs for me to justify the cost of the system. However, I need some next gen titles to take full advantage of what this console's hardware was built for. Once I experience some newer titles, I'm sure I'll be impressed. But aside from Battlefield 4, there really isn't that many games available. I'm looking forward to Destiny and Watchdogs, but with no other games drawing my attention right now, I'll probably put my extra spending cash into a BF4 premium upgrade to get all the DLC. For all the people out there struggling to get a hold of one of these systems right now, I highly suggest that if they do get the PS4 that they buy some next gen games to go with it and not rely on the free PS+ games to fulfill their gaming needs.


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Destiny, Watchdogs, and inFAMOUS Second Son are on my list... MGSV is probably still two years away. Kojima is probably the only developer left that doesnt rush his games out to market bugged out. :P


One thing I noticed about the controller is that it's battery acted pretty old school... I was kinda nervous at first because it didn't seem to hold a charge worth a crap at first, but after 2 charges i've played for 4-5 hours today and its still at full bars. Its a warning in case you're controller batter gets low seemingly fast.


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Sony needs to hurry up and add some new titles to their PSN store. I still don't understand why the PS4 store is separate from the PS3 store. It all uses the same profile, same funds, same login.. but on PS3 I can buy PS3, Vita and PSP games.. but no PS4 games. And the PSN store on PS4 has about 10 games for sale, and thats it. If they got some new titles on there I'd like to buy, I would. If they released that TMNT brawler on PS4 for $15 or less like on steam, I'd buy it. Trine 2 complete for $19.99 seems steep. I know its that price on Steam too, but I bought it in a humble bundle for a couple dollars. With so many games getting delayed for the system, I'm really wondering what titles will be available over the next 1-3 months.


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    • By Sledgstone
      PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now are merging into the new PlayStation Plus and the membership will now become a tiered system:
      I'll be sticking with PlayStation Plus Essential assuming I can still buy yearly memberships on sale for around $30-$40 like I've been doing since before the PS4 launched. I'm barely getting any use out of PS+ as it is with the games they've been offering for the last year so if I have to start paying a monthly fee I'll just cancel it instead.
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      Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition will be free from April 19 until May 14:
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