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Sony's PS Vita TV 'Microconsole'

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Sony Announces $100 'PlayStation Vita TV' Micro-Console


I guess I should've seen this coming based on the fact Sony Announced PS4 a month before Ouya was supposed to be released to (all of) its Kickstarter Backers. Sony is really playing it safe this time around making sure the PS4 & the now PS Vita TV don't get over shadowed by any form of competition.


As for Ouya.... Well.... The moment it decided to play by the same rules to be sold at places like Walmart is the moment it lost. Ouya could've been so much more if they stuck to their original promise of allowing any game to be published. But it didn't. The dream of one day console gaming accepting Adult Only ESRB Rated was seen & quickly squashed by Ouya.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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This PS Vita TV annoys me. Its yet another piece of hardware to buy. Sony should be able to easily create a Vita app for the PS3 that allows all this without the need to buy additional hardware. On the other hand, I can consider this the equivalent of a new Super Game Boy without the need to plug it into an existing console. For the price, I'd definitely pick this over the Ouya just because of the game selection.


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