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Is Annual Maintenance Necessary

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You can never overlook the importance of an *SPAM* if you are running an industry. Running continuously for over a year, the computers and the related connections, networks, modems, printers and all other related devices may develop some faults. They may accumulate lots of irrelevant data. This has to be removed and the important data is to be stored for future look up. The hardware components may also develop some faults overtime. The most common faults that can occur are related to the keyboard, connection pins, cables etc. In addition to this if your computer is connected to an active internet connection, there is a chance that malicious programs like viruses and worms may enter it. You need to be sure to remove them by timely maintenance.
You can do all these activities by giving an IT annual maintenance contract to any of the companies. They give full checkup and do all the maintenance activities for you. There are companies which do the maintenance for nominal annual fees. This amount must be paid in advance for a number of years. This acts as an extended warranty for the devices. All the costs for the service and the fees for the technician will include in this. The only other additional cost that you will have to pay is the replacement costs of the devices. The experienced technician who checks your system can easily detect faults and solve them. Thus IT annual maintenance contracts will provide simple and low cost solution.

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*Insert certain music*

They should have acted.

They're already here.

The Older Posts told of their return.

Their retreat was merely a delay.

*Sound Of A Spam Bot*

For the time after vBulletin removed,

When the moderators would forget to post,

Members didn't want to believe....

Believe that they even persist....

And when the fact finally dawned,

It posted adverts

*Sound of attacking Spam Bot*


There's one they fear....

In their mind (s)he's Domain Keep,

Admin Born!




Yeah I was really bored.... And I'm pretty certain this is a Spam Bot.... So.... Meh....

*Waits for an Admin to deal with supposed Spam Bot.*

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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This person might not be a bot.. but its still spam. The basis of this topic has no question, is not seeking anyones opinions and has a link to a product that is being promoted.. spam.


Wow.. our first spammer since switching off vB. Not bad considering when we were running vb we'd have sometimes have 4,000 registrations a day get denied by the anti spam software. It was usually the same damn bots coming back repeatedly with numerous IP#s.


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