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I wonder how close they will follow it

Comic wise, Ender is in training pretty much for all of enders game series

The aliens are not in it really, At least not until the end, (which is very good)

The humans are preparing for a war, I guess they might use VR to show aliens, 


98% of all battles are 0 gravity team vs teams of the kids with  guns, all tactics training.  


Also Harrison Fords char fizzles out pretty early, he recruits Ender but that is about it, I dont see then casting Harrison Ford for 10min scene time though


I bet they change this a lot to make more space battles and skirmishes as opposed to zero g battles between children


Also Enders game spans a few years, unless they age the kid actor, i bet they ramp up the pace from training to post training battles

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Bruce Campbell: '' This place has more security then the Batcave ''

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