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Deep Down looks good, but as with the Killzone Trailer I don't trust Sony that its not a rendering of "game play"


inFAMOUS was an awesome game, I haven't played 2 yet, but its not awesome enough to warrant loyalty to a console.



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After watching these trailers, none of them are really screaming realism to me. Killzone and Deep Down looks good, but this Watch Dogs trailer looks very impressive.



And heres a couple BioShock Infinite trailers:




The gameplay of BioShock looks good, but Watch Dogs looks like a new ultimate version of open world gameplay. The detail in it puts grand theft auto and saints row to shame. But I don't understand the game.. maybe because it was just for the trailer, because a completely open game with no objectives seems too open for me. I think I'd rather have some noticeable objective to accomplish than creating a unique game on the fly. ^_^;


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