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Found 10 results

  1. Well, All, Sabe has returned! ...Again. I think my last set of posts took place back in 2013 or so, and there has been a LOT that has changed; it amazes me that it has, though, since I always thought of my life as so unchanging. Back in '13 I was working at the Arena doing Security work...it wasn't exactly what you'd call fulfilling, but it paid the bills and kept me busy. Well, it was just a year after that, when things changed, and they changed fast. To make a lot of superfluous details and exposition short, I fell in love. She was a part of the EVS (a glorified acronym for Janitorial Staff) Department and was just a face in the crowd; then we began to talk when we both had time. After that, it was pretty fast...we'd make excuses to run into each other during working hours; then there was the exchange of phone numbers; after that, it was a whirlwind courtship. We did a few things out of order, though. After things began to really heat up, we both left the Arena for differing reasons, on paper at least (more pay and less politics was the main idea for both of us, really), and started other employment for almost another year. I went to FedEx, she to an insurance company, where we could both earn what we were going to need for the coming future...she was pregnant! On August 10, 2015 our daughter was born; a bit preemie, and stubborn about eating, but whole and healthy otherwise. "Peanut" has been a challenge now and again (good Lord is there a lot of me in her!), but it has been worth it...I couldn't imagine life without her! We apartment bounced twice in the months and years following "Peanut"'s arrival, until we found one that would fit all of us when The Boss had all her kiddo's around. I can sense the confusion...didn't I mention? The Boss had prior kids before we got together...3 other girls, as a matter of fact! We get along like a house afire, though...love them just as much as I do "Peanut". Well, the second apartment worked for almost two years, during which time (June 24, 2017) the boss and I got married! Things improved again! Then, about 6 months after that, I got into a spat with the landlord, and we had to figure out a new living arrangement rather quickly...Me and my damn temper; even though I followed the laws for the City and State, it was deemed I didn't have enough evidence to charge my landlord with negligent maintenance. Thanks to my time in the service, though, I had access to my VA stuff, and less than three months later and 150 miles or so west, I became a homeowner! A small town of 2,000 or so, a good vibe and lots of space for things to keep improving! The house is a two story with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spare room that I turned into a mini man-cave and sits on 3 city lots: total space (Land and house) is .44 acres! The house will need some TLC over the years, but I can say we are more than happy. Soon, the wife wants to open an in-home Daycare, and I would like to start woodworking again, in addition to my off and on writing. I hope any Clan who takes the time to read this has had good luck, joy and many blessings in their own lives since my hiatus, and that they all keep coming for you! In the words of Tigger: TTFN! Ta, Ta For Now!
  2. Here is the launch trailer for GW2: Heart of Thorns!
  3. Man am I PUMPED!!. TTS is a huge guild, and I can't wait to see what kind of guild hall we will have. I know we've been saving up for what ever may be the costs. I dropped $100 on the ultimate edition tonight. You get your 4000 gems on purchase, the rest of the stuff will unlock upon HoT's release.
  4. All classes will have specializations to further customize your characters, there will be collections / missions that will make obtaining a precursor for a legendary weapon more achievable, new legendary weapons, a new profession and more! I'm really hyped for this expansion. No release date yet at this time.
  5. Here is the trailer for the suspected Guild Wars 2 expansion: Heart of Thorns (If you have not completed Living World Season 2, there are major spoilers)
  6. Interesting, Logan enters the fray. Trahearne has played a very small part. Rytlock has had the most epic part of the story so far. Caithe recently joined, adding more questions than answers... and now Logan enters Living World. He's always had a close bond with Caithe... it will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
  7. The Mordrem are so overpowered with their agony infliction. Even with my remove condition abilities they can still be overwhelming going solo. LFG FTW!
  8. Guild Wars Living World Season 2 begins November 4th!
  9. Here is the trailer for the suspected Guild Wars 2 expansion: Heart of Thorns (If you have not completed Living World Season 2, there are major spoilers) Click here to view the article
  10. First off I deleted a bunch of those random spam posts that I've been neglecting on taking care of. Upcoming changes: 1) I will most likely trash our current article system. I always liked the concept of having Ancient Clan be an actual site, but its always been a forum at its core. I'm going to revamp the front page to highlight forum posts and new content. The biggest issue I have with the article system now is that it is tied directly to the forums, we make a post, update it to an article and the article will have all the comments of that forum post, but its all duplicated content because its two separate pages with the exact same information. The articles comments also look bad because it shows comments from the beginning of a topic instead of beginning where a post was promoted to an article. I can honestly say that I almost never reply to an article when I can skip its' clunkiness and go right to the forum. There are so many sites that are article based, kotaku, gizmodo, blog format sites like geekologie and others and we don't need to be like them. I'm thinking AC's future should be more forum based like reddit, neogaf, the old Ancient Clan, etc. 2) Instead of articles, we can post the new info and or articles right into the forum or topic like we usually do and it'll show up on the front page automatically as new content. 3) Mobile friendly. The majority of people that use the internet will browse on their phones now, the new ipb version we'll be updating to is extremely mobile friendly. We won't have large giant images on front pages anymore. It'll speed up the site's load times and it'll be a more fluid experience. We'll still keep signatures in the forums, but they won't be visible on the mobile version. 4) Themes. I have to look into some more theme options, I might be changing us off these dark and light themes in favor of a faster layout with less maintenance between patches. 5) Media embedding. The new ips uses a different media embedder, some site's videos might not be embeddable until I figure out the new embedding mechanics and how its coded. Other standard media sites like youtube will be embeddable by default. Please let me know your opinions on these changes.
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