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  1. CabbitGirl

    Thundercats anime series and toys

    i'll probably watch it used to love thunder cats when it was on!
  2. CabbitGirl

    Cosplayin ...

    ahahah actually my most awkward experience happened this year gg!! and noone saw it D: you and .... hmm... i think it was matt... were standing right there by that punkish booth where i got my goggles when this guy (maybe later teens? early 20s?) approached me. it went something like this~ boy: ryo-ohki!! me: *turns around looks for source of sound* boy: *stands directly across the way, lots of people walking back and forth staring at me with mouth open, eyes wide* me: *look left and right, notice boy staring at me* me? boy: .....y-ya.... you're.. ryo-ohki right? me: yep yep *smile, move closer so traffic of people doesn't cut through our conversation* boy: *breathing heavily* me: ... boy: *breathing quickens* me: Soooo... did you like the series? boy: well.... um... ya................*gulp* i saw um.. tenchi... uh tenchi muyo... um.. *breathing heavily* tokyo.. uhm.. me: *smiling nodding* boy: *paused... looked up... ran away* me: *look around in disbelief, turn around to find GG again standing only a foot behind me* Did you SEE that?! GG: ? see what? me: you really didn't see the boy who was just talking to me.. GG: you were talking to someone? where? me: he ran away... >_> GG: X'D I could not make that up if I tried. That is by far THE most memorable story I have X'D I can't even believe you didn't see it GG!!! D: OH OH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY COSPLAY!!! tell me what character you may wanna be and ill see if i can whip up a costume of a different character and we can be a pair!! that way you don't have to be alone!
  3. CabbitGirl

    This Is the Apocalyptic Storm Hitting the US Right Now

    eeeiiii!!!! don't want anymore snow! D:
  4. CabbitGirl

    favorite anime openings?

  5. CabbitGirl

    Happy Birthday Cabbit!

    thank you slippers!!
  6. CabbitGirl

    Happy Birthday Cabbit!

    thank you!!! i didddd
  7. CabbitGirl

    Captain America pics

    the costumes look awesome!
  8. CabbitGirl

    Cloning a Woolly Mammoth - Next up.. Jurassic Park?

    that's so amazing cant wait to see more stories on this if he finds some healthy tissue
  9. CabbitGirl

    Happy Birthday Cabbit!

    thanks everyone!!!! @dubird- oh dont you worry!! drunk cabbit (apparently even severely black out drunk cabbit..so ive heard) knows she needs her water before she passes out X'D i've only heard stories though... ;;; @lady- yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can be party of the wino stuff this year!!!!!! and thanks strider and DX !!!
  10. CabbitGirl

    Happy Birthday Cabbit!

    thanks youuu GG!!!!! yes!!! i had alcohol plans in my schedule at mdnight!!! my friends took me out ^_______________________________^ it was awesome! i gots more drinkin to do tomorrow so sleepy times for meee!!! thank you for the bday wishes!! :D <3
  11. CabbitGirl

    Best Snowmen/Snow sculptures!

    ahahahahhaha those are amazing X'D
  12. CabbitGirl

    the song stuck in yer head

    [ame] [/ame]
  13. CabbitGirl

    Happy Birthdays?

    awww it disappeared?? well happy birthday hk!! hope it was fun
  14. 152-9b6s.jpg

    here's a cute puppy picture for youuu :3

    hope winter is treating you better by now!

  15. CabbitGirl

    Make Your Own Rorschach Mask With Actually Morphing Designs

    that's so cool!!!!!!!
  16. CabbitGirl

    Happy Birthday!!! :D

    to sledgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D hope it's awesome!!
  17. CabbitGirl

    2011 resolutions..

    kick this cold is at the top of the list.... see if i can finish up all my credits by fall semester to get my associates (very doable!) make more time for myself to relax and not offer more help than i can physical give that's about it
  18. CabbitGirl

    Merry christmas!!!

    *murloc cry* Merry Christmas from Monster Eppy and his extra arms!! and lots of love!
  19. CabbitGirl

    Merry christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas!! i still have yet to go to sleep (i just finished wrapping the last of the presents) so off to bed with me and i'll let everyone know in the morning X'D
  20. CabbitGirl

    chu in the snow Dec 2010

    she's so adorable!!! >w
  21. .... wow........ wtf....
  22. CabbitGirl

    Spray-On Stem Cells Heal Burns Fast

  23. CabbitGirl

    Flying Snakes!

    eeeiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! crazy! death from above! look out little rodents!
  24. ahahaha the picture with the secured ring is awesome X'D i was waiting for one of these articles.... knew it was bound to happen lol