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  1. I unlocked the AUG on my first run on Ziba. :P I like the CQ maps. Very fast pace!

  2. I was wondering wtf was going on... ill have to take advantage of that before its fixed for the underslung part of an assignment. I finished the 1st tier support assignment today.

  3. THANK GOD! I finally got my EOD bot kill.. worst handling ever... some unfortunate sniper crouched right in front of me as I mashed the torch button and rolled through him.

  4. My next task is getting in the top 5 on Gun Master... It was ripped off a game mode in COD Black Ops 1.... I hated that game, but I was able to finish in the top 5, because it was only 1 kill per weapon... and the revolver in BF3 is complete garbage against anyone that has a SMG or Assault Rifle. lol

  5. LOL. Nah I havent been able to play much. I still have chump change tasks left on the CQ assignments like grenade kills and c4 kills. I love Assault Conquest, especially on double XP weekends... you can amass so much XP off kills and flag caps per match than any other mode.

  6. Just picked up KOTOR off steam for $10. Waiting for it to finish downloading

  7. 7 Episodes into Angel Beats... its so f*cked up and sad, but insanely hilarious at the same time.

  8. Watching Baka and Test... Hilarious XD

  9. Started playing Diablo III again. I forgot how far I made it with Demon Hunter and holy crap is she more overpowered than I remember.

  10. Christopher Sabat proves once again why he is Funi's most talented VA in his role as Masa in "My Bride is a Mermaid"

  11. B Gata H Kei Yamada's First Time reminds me too much of the girls in my time in high school... lol

  12. Finished Second Raid. Poor Souske! chosing between Chidori and Tessa is even more of a nightmare! XD Tessa's brother is an enigma... shit...

  13. Birdy the Mighty: Decode... I'm really enjoying this one.

  14. Deadman Wonderland would have made a perfect 64 episode series... instead it was 12 eps and a flashback OVA... Its obvious who the Red Man was, and The Crow was such a good character.

  15. Finished Dragon's Reach pt.2 ... They sure know how ot make a boss fight finale....

  16. Hopefully I'll have my copy of Destiny by tomorrow.

  17. Finished Code:Breaker in 2 days. A fun watch!

  18. Beat Advance Warfare's campain. It was pretty fun, but felt a bit empty. I couldn't connect with the characters.

  19. Now that I know TWD Compendium 3 will be out in october, I took the plunge and bought 1 & 2.

  20. Started Death Parade... talk about grim...

  21. Finished my second Nightfall... got 8 ascended energies. -_-; I get better stuff from Cryptarch. Prison of Elders looks amazing. I can't wait to play it.

  22. WTF anet... My Necro looks like she is playing tennis when using an Axe now... -_-;

  23. Started Guilty Crown... the first two eps were amazing.

  24. ROTFLMAO!!! XD Space Dandy Season 2 is dubbed and I just watched the first ep. XD XD XD

  25. Watching Durarara!! Thought the Isaac and Miria from Baccano! cameo was pretty funny.