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Status Updates posted by DeathscytheX

  1. Now that I know TWD Compendium 3 will be out in october, I took the plunge and bought 1 & 2.

  2. Started Death Parade... talk about grim...

  3. Finished my second Nightfall... got 8 ascended energies. -_-; I get better stuff from Cryptarch. Prison of Elders looks amazing. I can't wait to play it.

  4. WTF anet... My Necro looks like she is playing tennis when using an Axe now... -_-;

  5. Started Guilty Crown... the first two eps were amazing.

  6. ROTFLMAO!!! XD Space Dandy Season 2 is dubbed and I just watched the first ep. XD XD XD

  7. Watching Durarara!! Thought the Isaac and Miria from Baccano! cameo was pretty funny.

  8. Finally got in an evenly matched supremacy server. What a blast. More xp and more excitement when it's not lopsided.

  9. The Vesper is stupid OP at close range. Moreso than the PM63 in BO1. I don't get Treyarch's love affair with SMGs.

  10. It's really not worth being a douche in the Darkzone. You could mark yourself for a bunch of junk loot.

  11. Finished Yona of the Dawn. I really hope they make a season 2. The story was really good, and leaves so many questions to be answered. the animation was stunningly beautiful too.

  12. Finished Coyote Ragtime Show, it was a really fun watch. It would have been better as a 24 ep anime. It felt a little rushed in places due to squeezing everything into 12... a lot of great action though. Now I'm watching Assassination Classroom which has been pretty good so far.

  13. Did my first 3 placement matches on Overwatch Competitive Season 2 tonight. Went 2-1 so far. My first match was with a horrible team. We never held the point once. My second match we held on after some asshole left our team... once again after we went up 1-0. I clutched it out with D.Va getting 40 elims and 3 triple kills with my ult. The nerf to her defense matrix isn't that bad, but it will def put an end to the double D.Va defense in QP that has become so popular.

    The no sudden death works good for payload. My third match we barely capped the point on King's Row and didn't get the payload to the 1st check point. But we stopped the other team from getting as far as we did. It shortens up some of the longer competitive matches. In the past you both got a chance to push it, and then sudden death would choose a team to attack and they had to get it to 1 check point.

  14. Just finished Assassination Classroom. It was a lot of fun, even though the premise was stupidly unbelievable.

  15. I had the most epic 3-2 Victory on Lijiang Tower. It was probably the most intense, close, evenly matched bout I've ever had in competitive. We won the 1st, lost the next 2, and came back with two wins. The last match no one even captured the point for a good 5-6 minutes of contesting. I got 59 objective kills, 75 eliminations, and 30k damage as Junkrat. I wish every match was like that, instead I mostly get steam roller matches win or lose.

  16. Finished up GARO before my impending BF1 binge. I didn't realize there was an actual live action show, until I looked it up because I thought it was odd it was listed as GARO: The Animation. Anyways, it was enjoyable overall. I've seen the premise used a few times before, but the fights were bad ass. Its one of the few Hybrid-CGI looking anime that I feel worked well. I'll always prefer the classic style, but CGI effects become more popular as time goes on, probably because it's cheaper to produce.

  17. Revision 5 has some nice legendary pistol skins.  I blew 1800 scrap to get the automatico twice. -_-; I'm probably going to just save up for a week they have a legendary Frommer Stop and Martini-Henry. 

  18. I just finished My Hero Academia, and now I can't wait for Season 2. All Might is like Hercule that can actually back up his boasting. XDXD


  19. I'm a few eps into "And you thought there is never a girl online?" Is like Haganai but a gamer's version. XD The loot box part made me chuckle when they all got let down by getting crap, along with other arguments using MMO jargon. The new influx of shows coming into Funi have been entertaining, although I've watched a few duds. Endride is probably one of their worst dubs I've seen in a long time, but I don't think the sub could fix how bad the characters were anyways. Shimoneta was pretty funny, as a lewd potty joke anime, but the ending was eh. Riddle Story of Devil was decent as well.

  20. Nothing like knocking out all 9 Overwatch weekly wins in an hour. MMR was on my side for once.

  21. Just finished Mob Psycho 100. It was an entertaining watch. It went from bat shit crazy to serious crazy half way through. The fights were good, and I enjoyed the "dated animation" approach.

  22. NieR: Automata's soundtrack is probably my favorite for a game in a very long time. It's been a while since a game's tune gets stuck in a loop in my head through out the day. I haven't loved the music for a game this much since God of War and Dark Cloud.


  23. If you think you're hot shit in Overwatch and tea bag me, I'll swap to Junkrat and make you're life a living hell. Thats what some asshole playing Reaper learned tonight. I generally don't play my two best characters as much as I want to because I've been expanding my skill set. Dude got the best of me multiple times when I was playing McCree the previous round, then he did that, and went on to die 15 times in a match because of me.... including getting a rip tire to the face 4 times, and every time he managed to kill me, he died from my martyrdom.... and they lost the match, and he left after that. XD

  24. I'm starting to get really good with Genji. I got gold in eliminations several times tonight, and carried at 51% kill participation in one of my matches. And with a buff to his ult in the pipeline, I won't have to worry about my fun getting nerfed for a while. XD There are few things that feel amazing in this game. Hooking airborne Phara with Roadhog, Hooking Tracer with Roadhog, Killing a good Zarya period, and deflecting an ult back at the enemy team with Genji... because I totally got McCree good. XD

  25. I'm almost done with GARO: Crimson Moon. I'm pretty disappointed with it. Its no where near as good as GARO: The Animation was. The story is pretty meh, and they reduced the golden night to some sailor moon type format where he only gets to transform at the end of the episode and wins in 2-3 moves. -_-; It reminds me how Blood-C is inferior to Blood+ as they both take place in similarly unconnected time frames.