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  1. slippers liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in youtube is is knowledge.   
    Thats reminds me of another job interview I had back in highschool. I already had a job but I went to this movie theater for a job interview so I could see if it was feasible to work a second job there part time to get to watch free movies. lol. Heres how part of that interview went:
    Me: "So how much does this job pay and are there any good benefits?"
    Manager: "It starts at minimum wage and you get no benefits for part time, mandatory weekends for the first 6 months and you can't take any time off for the first year."
    Me: "Wow. You really know how to sell a job." *about to get up and leave* (I didn't need this job anyway. lol)
    Manager: "But you have a good chance to increase your pay through promotion. Our company loves to promote from within. You could be a manager in a year and easily triple your pay."
    Me: "Thats good but in the mean time my pay would horrible. What about free movies or any other perks?"
    Manager: "You get to see parts of the movies when you walk in every 30 minutes to make sure people aren't making a disturbance."
    Me: "So no free movies?"
    Manager: "No."
    Me: "Tell me more about the promotions, how many people have been promoted internally in the past 6 months?"
    Manager: "hmmmm. Nobody I can think of."
    Me: "Well when did you get promoted to manager? You must have been working here for a few years now?"
    Manager: "I've only been working here for 1 month. I used to work at Sam's Club."
    Me: "So you weren't 'promoted from within the company' at all.."
    Manager: "No."
    Me: "And who would be my superior if I take this job?"
    Manager: "That would be me."
    Me: "And that means the only promotion I could get would be to your job right? But when they replaced your position they hired someone from outside the company."
    Me: "Which means theres no way I'll ever get a promotion even if you quit or got promoted yourself."
    Manager: "Well when you put it that way..."
    Me: "Its been fun. Good luck filling this position."
    I bet that guy was told the same bs about promoting from within the company when he was hired because even as a manager his pay was probably insultingly low.
  2. slippers liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in youtube is is knowledge.   
    Well that sounds like a horrible job part time job for that guy. lol. It was a completely different experience for me. When I worked at a big box warehouse it was a 40 hour week job with mandatory overtime if needed. 10 hour shifts monday - thursday 6:30 am - 5:00 pm. And we wouldn't know if we needed to work on friday and saturday until that thursday. too much work for the amount of money it actually paid. I did package sorting off the truck deliveries with a group of other ppl. All these packages would come off these trucks onto conveyor belts, and we'd have to throw the stuff into giant bins based on what they were, then forklift the full bins away to some other section and keep going. It was literally a sweat shop. The place stunk of BO and by the time I was done at the end of the day I sweated at least a pound of my own body weight off. I only lasted there a month and a half before I had to quit since they didn't offer any part time work and my school classes were starting back up. I actually quit about 1 week before I was supposed to get my fork lift training.
    I forgot I actually worked at 2 warehouses in the past. For the grocery store one I was a temp working in customer service. That company was dumb as hell. I thought I'd just answer customer complaints but I was actually in a position that I was answering the complaints of customers and store managers throughout the region. wtf. They hire a temp off the street and they had me answering emails to managers that were worried about lawsuits because one had a customer crack their head open in a bathroom and they think they were getting scammed and another store had a person complaining that their kid chipped their tooth on buckshot from a turkey they bought at the store. Another guy needed a quick answer about a legal issue because some customer was going to sue the manager himself for some horrendous reason I can't remember.
    I asked my boss.. "umm.. I don't know what to tell these people about these serious issues. Are you sure a temp is right for this job?"
    Boss: "I'm sure everything will be fine. How difficult can 'Bob's' job be? I swear he just sits on his ass all day browsing the internet. Ask Jolene if you need any help."
    Me: "Hey Jolene, what in the hell should I be telling these people?"
    Jolene: "Well I would tell this person.. blah blah and this person.. and this.. (actual decent advice)"
    Me: "Ok, thanks, I'll see what they say. btw, how long have you been working here?"
    Jolene: "1 week. I'm a temp too."
    Me: "Wow. Don't you think this is the worst position to fill with temps?"
    Jolene: "Absolutely. This place is a disaster."
    I worked at that place for 1 1/2 weeks. That company filed for bankruptcy within 5 years. When I heard about it, I wasn't surprised in the slightest.
  3. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by slippers in youtube is is knowledge.   
    thanks! when i applied, i told them i wanted to do interstate (to have better chance of getting hired). but it'd be awesome if i could do local/state. but right now, i got this as a back up. i needed some kind of skill, just incase something happens at my current job, get laid off or whatever. i'm thinking about getting a part time job maybe as a class B driver, or get a bus endorsement (which requires another road test). one of my coworkers has a sidejob as a plumber helper and he said he made $150 just changing waterheater working only 3 hours. that motivated me to get my CDL in the first place because i'm not that young anymore lol, hopefully i can learn other trade too.
  4. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by slippers in youtube is is knowledge.   
    i passed my (CDL class A) road test today. so happy :D. watched so many youtube videos about trucking that i actually learned how to pass driving big rigs and getting my license (plus playing euro truck simulator video game helped lol). instructors from trucking school that i went to had little to no help because of limited time and being busy/stressed out etc (they had only two working trucks, only an hour a day training/practiced for 2 weeks..8 to 12 hours total..not enough time imo), although i can't blame them since DPS is two months behind their regular road tests as there are so many people applying for their CDL. economy man, still sucks for lot of ppl.
    just couple examples what it's like to expect during road test:
  5. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by slippers in HAPPY BIRFFFFDAY SLEDGY   
    Lucky you get presents at least. My birthday is also close to Christmas so I get nothing lol
    Happy B.
  6. slippers liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Brain Making Too Much Noise? Reboot It
  7. Pchan liked a post in a topic by slippers in NASA Discovers Alien Life In California   
    Scientists poke holes in NASA’s arsenic-eating microbe discovery
  8. slippers liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in If Mario Actually Had A Conscience   
    Oh if only! LOL

  9. slippers liked a post in a topic by Pchan in The Road   
    The trailer -
    [nomedia=]YouTube- The Road - Official Trailer [HD][/nomedia]
    I missed it when it came out in the theaters but grabbed the DVD the other day and watched it. It's set in a post-apocalyptic world where a few humans are left, and they're finding ways to survive. It's a cold world, and Viggo ventures South with his son for better things. Viggo, the directing, and the cinematography are excellent. I broke down at the end of the movie.
    Has anyone else seen it?
  10. Pchan liked a post in a topic by slippers in Your first anime   
    i think this was one of my firsts..
    "Paul's miraculous adventure"..basically a horny pedo devil wanted a young girl - Paul's girlfriend - and kidnaps her. Paul using magical toys to try to rescue her in a strange world. One of them was a flying ship with triangular wings and wheels which was so cool. i use to have it as a toy but i broke it and threw it away..I still regret it to this day
    Anyway this is a vid of opening theme in Korean since can't find the Japanese one.
    [nomedia=]YouTube- ì´ìƒí•œ 나ë¼ì˜ í´[/nomedia]
  11. slippers liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in Happy Birthday Ancient Clan!!!   
    I meant to post this topic on AC's birthday on May 1st, but I kept getting distracted from the computer. So here it is, the AC birthday topic! And its a milestone! 10 years! Happy B-day AC!
    Its hard to believe its already been a decade.
  12. slippers liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in Scientists Debunk 3-Second Memory Myth, Fish Can Remember for 5 Months   

    Australian scientists have debunked the myth that fish have a three-second memory, they can actually recall information for up to five months.
    "Fish can remember prey types for months. They can learn to avoid predators after being attacked once and they retain this memory for several months. And carp that have been caught by fishers avoid hooks for at least a year," lead author Kevin Warburton said.
    The researchers at Charles Sturt University say that three-second rule is "absolute rubbish." No one is sure where they myth started but you needn't look any further than Finding Nemo to know it exists--not that I didn't love Ellen Degeneres' Dory.
    Researchers trained young fish to associate a sound with feeding time. Each time they played that particular sound…the fish would return. They found minnows to be at least as intelligent as rats.
    Fish not only remember, they can increase their food-catching skills and even carry out acts of deception. For example, cleaner fish in reef environments act on their best behavior when a larger feeder is nearby.
    Warburton said: "What's fascinating is that they co-operate more with clients when they are being observed by other potential clients. This improves their 'image' and their chances of attracting clients."

  13. slippers liked a post in a topic by Kite in Code geass   
    It is an absolute must
    After the invasion of Japan by the Brittannian Empire, the country is renamed to "Area 11". The young Lelouch, a Brittannian student living in Japan, accidentally gets caught up in a local terrorist attack against Brittannia, reuniting with his childhood friend Suzaku as well as meeting the mysterious girl C.C. Cornered in a life and death situation, Lelouch accepts a power C.C. offers to him, the ability to order anyone to do anything. Harboring a thirst for revenge against the Brittanian Empire for their actions against his family, Lelouch wages war against the Empire. Using his newfound power and tactical ability, Lelouch goes under the alias Zero in attempts to fulfill his childhood vow, to destroy Brittannia!
    Geass is the name of Lalouch's ability,
    it Has a hint of Death Note, as his power to change lives, and what cost it has
    only the audience knows lalouch motivation, and you cant help but love him though every character grows to hate him
    every step if explained from how Lalouch wehnt from a teen to what he ends up as, it is beautifully told and animated
    really is a 10/10, i watched it in eng dubb which was perfectly done
  14. slippers liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in Budweiser, Miller to raise prices in the fall   
    Neither will say by how much; both brewers seeing decline in sales
    someone somewhere is going
  15. slippers liked a post in a topic by Pchan in Now Watching   
    Just figured it'd be cool to have this thread on here ...
    The Thing - I love the 'ttrrroonnngggg trrroonnngggg' old school theme a the beginning of the movie heh, but it's pretty gripping with a no-nonsense script, and it gets better and creepier till the end.
    Twelve Monkeys - Under-rated, and Pitt's performance is his best to date, imo.
  16. Flying_Monkey liked a post in a topic by slippers in Left 4 Dead 2   
    hahaha i'll might do that as well. an axe seems badass
  17. slippers liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in E3 2009: Super Mario Protest   
    [ame=]YouTube - E3 2009: Super Mario Protest[/ame]
    "What have I become?"
    lmao. X'D
  18. Ladywriter liked a post in a topic by slippers in US Journalists Sentenced To 12 Years In North Korea   
    At least they got a trial, unlike the US where you get to kidnap someone, lock them up, and torture them for years until it gets closed.
  19. slippers liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Left 4 Dead 2   
    Warning - Very Violent

    Looking forward to the addition of melee weapons. I bet the gun swipe limit is going to be on regular campaign now as it is on vs. and survival.
  20. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by slippers in This puts DBZ live action movie to shame   

    DBZ fan made this. So awesome.
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    Baaah, just seduce your female professor and nothing bad will happen to your grades! X'D.