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    Common SQL functions

    Note, all of my functions belong to classes, but I am posting only snippets of my functions to avoid boredom and giving away all my secrets. Please post corrections, suggestions, and your own related functions.
  2. Mathias

    Heart of the Dragon

    Chapter 11: Vengeance of the Red Falcon – Guarded History Upon arriving at the barracks, he was challenged by two Kaloranian soldiers. Normally, the Bluecloaks and the military got on well, but in this area of the world their relationship was tense and formal at best. The army in these parts was scarcely needed and didn't look kindly on Bluecloaks taking their work and "making a nuisance of themselves." After a short argument with them about his business, Jevox was admitted. "Glad to see you boys are doing a bang up job on security and keeping intruders out." he said by way of a parting shot on the way out. The curses that came back as a reply made Jevox sigh. He proceeded to the prison room where the gnome was being held. The barracks was fairly small, with only a small ground floor room with no windows to serve as the prison. The guard outside said that nobody or nothing had come this way since the prisoner was admitted and opened the door for Jevox. It took Jevox a moment to realize that the gnome was missing from the room. He suspected foul play and immediately began to inspect the room for signs of entry or struggle. Chapter 12: A Coldspray in Hell – Vision at the Helm "Run!" the words slowly leaked into Annabelle's hearing as she continued to stare at the flaming arrow. A stocky man slammed into her body, carrying her several yards before the force of an explosion bowled them off their feet. As she roughly rolled away, she glimpsed Robyn entangled with a thin sailor as they too tumbled to the ground. A moment later Annabelle felt an inferno washing through the alleyway.
  3. Mathias

    happy anniversary!

    Soul mates forever
  4. Mathias

    Damn exhaust pipe

    Kelene and I will check out the Napa goo soon. Thanks!
  5. Mathias

    Get some nuts pulled off TV

    RUN YOU FOOL! :spiritgun
  6. Mathias

    Sci Fi channel bullshit

    I agree that Sci-Fi should start playing more of the classic and good present day sci-fi shows and movies. Farscape is the most obvious example of how Sci-Fi has screwed themselves, by not only changing the showing times, but then canceling shows with a large fan-base. Kelene and I haven't had as much of an issue with the half season showings and in a way I find the concept appealing. 1. Most of the episodes have been so-so until you get to the mid-finale. Since it was decent and that is your most current memory of the series, you're more likely to finish the season instead of dropping out from being bored half-way through after watching the mid-finale episodes. Aka: Stargate: Atlantis 2. We choose not to watch most of the shows we like while the kids are awake due to content and their lack of interest, so we DVR our shows and watch during the two hours we stay up on average after the kids go to sleep. Though we only watch three shows a week at this time, it's a constant endeavor to stay caught up along with our other interests. I like the idea of watching half a season of Ghost Hunters, then Ghost Hunters International (which has gotten better), and then repeat for the last half. The change in pace keeps the shows from becoming stagnant. I think if there was another Stargate-like series that showed during the missing time, like GH and GHI, then the issue for many wouldn't be as glaring.
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    happy birthdayyyyyy *drumroll*

    Happy Birthday!
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    Hellboy II The Golden Army

    Ghost Hunters meet Hellboy a3QFbPuqPyc Hilarious!
  9. Mathias

    Weird shadow caught on camera

    It looks like a mixture of dragged feet and/or the laundry basket being dragged against the grain causing the leg affect against a dim hallway.
  10. Mathias

    Death to fanboyism

    The term fanboyism and its many iterations have been abused to death. In fact, this forum has redefined the term so many times it has lost its meaning. Stop the insanity!
  11. Mathias

    Happy Independence Day!

    Thanks to all of our military families for their service and dedication to our country and her people!
  12. Mathias

    Happy Independence Day!

    I waved my flag as a proud American as did my family, friends, and neighbors of my community. Yes, I'm am very proud of my nation and satisfied with all the good deeds we as a nation perform. As I've said many times before, I'm not interested in participating in any political or religious discussions on this forum anymore. Yes, I do feel patriotic and I love our country. I understand that many members of this forum do not approve of the direction this country is heading at this time and I sympathize with you. Not everyone is pleased as the political pendulum swings. I didn't start this thread to discuss these issues.Once again, I would like to thank the men and women of the United States of America Armed Forces who risk their lives to defend us no matter what war, emergency, charity, or other deeds they perform for the betterment of this nation. Even those that we may not agree with.
  13. Mathias

    Ghost Hunters International

    Andy jumps too quickly to assume a haunting. I justed watched an old episode of Ghost Hunters that I never saw that had Andy and Grant expertly debunking a site. Why couldn't Andy be more like that. The leader guy seams to be a dry version of Jason and Grant which at least keeps the group semi-grounded. I agree, though, all the cast members that I didn't like were there and they're not living up to my expectations of Jason and Grant. If only Jason and Grant were there. <sigh> Shame they couldn't take the pagan's with them. I'm really interested in the alternative religion theories of ghosts, but those ladies just come off like bitchy old nags. Bring back the Rami (Energy) Master, at least she looked decent even if they didn't really show her much or explain what she did well. Kelene's screening the episodes for me, so I'm only watching the half-way decent episodes. I'm not impressed with their results compared to the Ghost Hunters visit to Europe. Oh, those were good shows! It has to be the experience levels of the International group that's not producing the results as well as I would expect based on those original groups visit. C'est la vie. I suppose the spirits realized the same thing, to avoid bringing themselves for amateurs. Sorry for going off a little. I may be disappointed with the results and crew, but do realize that I'm comparing to the indisputable experts of Taps. Compared to most other groups, they are still pretty solid and still at least attempt to debunk much of what they see.
  14. Mathias

    Happy birthday Kelene!

    Happy birthday Kelene! May you always look as good as you feel. (I think I better check her birth certificate, she looks underaged.)
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    Happy Father's Day!

  16. Mathias

    Throwing bread out for the birds

    The turkeys remind me of South Park episode.
  17. Mathias

    php help?

  18. Mathias

    php help?

    If the assumption is that the user entered a valid website, then you could have: $site = '<a href="' . $row['sitelink'] . '">' . $row['sitelink'] . '</a>'; I'll explain a little of the regex below with a few notes. Most of it is just preference or something easily overlooked as Goku definitely knows his stuff. I've never used the @ to replace the / required at the start and end of a php regular expression. http://us3.php.net/manual/en/function.preg-replace.php I usually use double quotes around my pattern as well to allow for non-printable characters such as \n (new line), \r\n (carriage return and new line), \t (tab), etc.. http://www.regular-expressions.info/characters.html http? ~ means htt or http did you mean: https? for http or https ([-\w\.]+) ~ means literal dash, a word, or a period one or more times. (the \. could be just . since most metacharacters do not need escaped in square brackets) Reference the character classes for a list of definitions of what characters are caught with \w and other special characters. http://www.regular-expressions.info/charclass.html Kelene's telling me to wrap this up, but the references at http://www.regular-expressions.info/ should prove useful. Like Goku said, if it works it works. All of the checks shouldn't be necessary. Unfortunately, I took too long typing this much and now my ear is being pulled. Try the following. Maybe \$. I'll eventually run some tests and let you know for sure, since I need to do something similar soon. $site = preg_replace("/(https?\/\/[^\s$]+)/", "<a href=\"$1\">$1</a>", $row['sitelink']);[/PHP]
  19. Mathias

    php help?

    Take this with a grain of salt as it's untested. Let me know if it works. (important: [^ -> not (\s -> space or $ -> end of line)]) $String = preg_replace('/(http:\/\/[^\s$])/', '&lt;a href="$1"&gt;$1&lt;/a&gt;', $String); It may require the select all before and after: $String = preg_replace('/(.*)(http:\/\/[^\s$])(.*)/', '$1&lt;a href="$2"&gt;$2&lt;/a&gt;$3', $String); Edit: Egad the colors are psychedelic in Final Fantasy theme.
  20. Lawyer/client confidentiallity is a good thing. Same concept. If they need access to the information then they should subpena the information legally instead of using bully tactics on the stand.
  21. Whether or not you approve of Stephen Johnson's decisions at least this one government official knows what it means to hold a meeting in confidence. At least for the moment. Say no to gossip and hearsay!
  22. Mathias

    I'm being CHEATED ON!! And I Have proof!!!

    In the case of HK I know it to be fact. Go HK!
  23. Mathias

    I'm being CHEATED ON!! And I Have proof!!!

    Change the locks on your doors and codes on the security system. Ask him to get a hotel room or stay with a family member and you'll meet at a public fountain or something with a lot of people around. Ask him calmly and rationally about the pictures and videos, when they were taken, and why he kept them after you were married while looking him in the eyes. Gauge his reaction. Have him cool off away from home, yes after he came back, for a week to understand how disturbed you are. Go to marriage counselling and see if it can be resolved. Hopefully, he was just stupid for leaving evidence of prior events before marriage. If not...at least try marriage counselling before seeking alternatives. Remember, you love this man enough to marry him and have his child. You have to hear him out before making any rash decisions. I'm not sticking up for him, but you both knew your checkered pasts before getting into the relationship. Remember safety comes first and you don't want to blow anything out of proportion in your heightened emotional state during pregnancy. I'll keep you in my prayers. P.S. Backup the contents of the videos, pictures, and possibly the entire hard drive onto DVD or another hard drive. Put it someplace safe outside the house in case you need evidence for divorce or other proceedings if you decide to go that route. If he gave you access to his email account you may want to check it out, though that is only recommended if you don't trust him and there is no hope for redemption. P.P.S. We'll keep you all in our prayers.
  24. I really enjoyed the movie! Like Goku said, there were a few scenes that could have been better handled, but that's true of any movie and critic. Every new Indy movie has progressively stepped farther from the serious tone to the comedic. I think Crusade hit it best. Skull did a great job after that, followed by Ark and Doom. No one ever felt like they were in true danger in Crusade and the complete opposite in Doom. I still nearly throw up every time I watch the monkey brain scene in Doom. Though the thrills are high with some comedy, the whole drug and child slavery issue made me uncomfortable. Ark and Doom were also notorious for slow scenes compared to Crusade and Skull. My attention never drifted with the last two movies. The monkey scene could have been removed with Jr. falling and taking over a passing jeep. After mentioning the big vs. small scorpion note, I expected an accompanying small scorpion scene. The FBI doesn't trust Indy bit didn't fly well and expect to see other FBI scenes in the deleted scenes or as scrap on the floor. I was iffy about the elongated skulls since I don't remember that in the Sci-Fi special or any other research I performed. Their really could be a tribe that does that, so I don't know. I liked the Atlantean theory of the skulls best. Nothing came of the skulls will save the Earth theory either. The knowledge aspect was discussed by the murals on the wall describing the aliens teaching them how to irrigate, farm, build, etc. The natives were threatening, but never reached the hype like they did in the other movies. Mackie's demise and the alien ship were too much like Mummy 2. Indy did feel like more of an escort for Orsie than leader. I loved the quicksand scene. "Just call it a rope!" has me laughing still. I liked the tree/cliff scene and considering the size of the tree I believe its plausible enough to let it pass since the tension needed loosened after the bug incident. I liked the memorial to Indy's father and Marcus and the fact that Marcus "helped" them out of trouble. I liked the reference to the Stalin's psychic research, though I wish they would have developed it better. I liked the references to the time frame including the Greasers vs. Jocks, Atom bomb and the fridge, and the area 51 with the Ark poking it's head out as a tease. I could go on about the fun parts, but my wife's kicking me to finish this.
  25. Mathias

    Working Cashier

    Ask the manager to assist you in bagging since your line is full and you don't want to piss off ALL your customers.