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  1. I would have to say Sesshoumaru and jaken. Sesshoumaru has his mother's beauty and his father's deady dog demon powers. Jaken adds comic relief. OMG! I don't see Sesshoumaru marring Kagura. She would try and get him killed. She is Naraku's pawn. Even if she did marry him some would probably be a trap. I cannot see her loving him and him loving her. He is too into himself and obsessed with his quests. It seems like almost all the woman who lay eyes on him are in love with him?! He dosn't seem interested in mating .LOL
  2. Why would I be a nibblemeat? LOL.
  3. Hello. yeah Im a Sess fan. I think he is great chracter. His lil green buddy is funny comic relief. Its funny Inyu has a human girl who follows him around and Sess has a imp and a human child. Rin shows us a softer side of Sess. It's cute.
  4. I like for watching AMVs. If you like reading manga you can find the manga's online at This website has tons of manga on it for you to read of some of our favs.
  5. Nice. How thoughtful of you. You would have to catch me first...
  6. From what I know it was not uncommon in that time period for a lord to take on a mistress. Im disapointed Sess's dad took on a human, but maybe he had his reasons. Sess is a perfect killing machine and his mother must be proud. I think he gets most his looks from her. He has her cold sense of humor too. But..his mother did point out that he learned a valuable lesson with the death of Rin. I read the manga online. If you can't find it message me and I will send you the link.