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  1. ...I've so got to see that. X'D
  2. As wierd yet occasionally semi-serious as Furi Kuri was, it had to have some point..somewhere. >.> But yeah...also what cfi said.
  3. Outlaw Star <- Only legit, bought this weekend since it was on sale for $60 Spirited Away^ Shingetsutan Tsukihime^ .hack//SIGN^ Furi Kuri^ Love Hina^ Love Hina Again^ Evangelion^ Trigun^ Lain^ Hellsing^ Vandread^ Mahoromatic^ Rah Xephon^ Kiddy Grade^ Excel Saga^* Steel Angel Kurumi^ I think that's it..
  4. Metropolis. Its cartoonish animation wouldn't have been so bad, except that the plot was good enough to keep me sitting through the two hours of visual agony. My brain hurt for days afterward.