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  1. Warrior's New Look


    Looks great! Run mace off hand with that axe along with headbutt elite and you'll wreck break bars. :D Run dual mace and you can solo any champ's breakbar with ease. Mace F1 with full adrenaline knocks 50% off, then mace 5, then headbutt to finish the breakbar and get full adrenaline again, F1 burst, swap to great sword, F1 burst again, skill 2, then spin to win with skill 3. XD After that combo you'll probably have at least 10 stacks of might too. XD I usually run with Axe/mace & greatsword. I almost never see a champ on my own so I almost never run mace main hand tho. Using axe in that same combo is pretty much the same except I start every fight with headbutt and burst combo.

  2. Machined Longbow


    Nice. I know that machined longbow is needed for the dragon hunter ascended longbow, someone made it two days ago and linked it in map chat. The only responses they got were:


    XD lmao. That machined longbow should have been the reward instead of needing it to make that horrible skin. XD

  3. I like that you can see the aura so clearly on your character. My warrior has so just enough hell fire pieces on that you can barely see any aura. And auras are crap on charr. The bulk of the aura is in his body because I swear it's scaled to human size at all times. -_-;

  4. Hammer Time


    I hate the lighting in all the new maps. My characters look horrible at the flax farm in verdant brink. So washed out looking. The place I like taking screenshots of my characters is only accessible with the captain's airship pass. I jump off the airship and glide down to one of the really tall hills. The light there is perfect. :D Except depending on the time of day you can see a visible line in the background where the cloud layer textures begin. I got some of those lines in the background of my ranger pics because I didn't notice them at first.

    Juggernaut might look better to me now that I have max settings, but I haven't come across anyone using it to see and the footfalls are so crap they're almost unnoticeable. I think I'm going to get the ley line hammer skin and use that for my future engineer.

  5. My norn's medium strider armor pants i got from the gem store is still the best for me so far. Theres still way too few actual pants in the game, especially for medium armor. A decent skirt is much better than another trench coat tho. So many trench coats. -_-;

  6. I was a mouse clicker for the longest time until I got my logitech g600 mouse. But even with the G-shift function of that mouse there may not be enough buttons on it for all those skills. I'd have to be a clicker on FFXIV too.