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16 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

This is noticeably a marvel made Spider-Man movie and looks far superior to the previous movies Fox has made.

Superior to Fox's X-Men movies or Sony's Spider-Movies?.... Or just that one joke where you see Spider-Man in an X-Men blooper?

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This is the best Spider-Man movie ever made. I was really shocked that we finally get a movie that skips the damn origin story. We all know who Spider-Man is but every time its a new actor its always a reboot. Not this time. Finally! Its a sequel in a sense to Civil War because it takes place after that and fills a gap in between it and the next avengers movie. Great standalone film and Peter Parker is portrayed perfectly. I thought this movie was going to bomb or not be worth watching but I was completely wrong. Skipping the origin story for this movie was the best thing ever. :D


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      Comcast dropped it's bid for the Fox properties. Looks like Disney will get all their comic character licenses back at this rate.
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      The Disney princess part at the end is great. I loved the first movie.
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      Looks like aliens are terraforming the planet and making monsters at the same time, which is a combination of awesome to me.
      Now for a brief rant.. The tv commercials were better than this trailer. In the commercials it looks like she is the pro going in to figure out wtf is going on, but in the trailer she's only going in to save her husband because Hollywood still doesn't think a female character can actually have professional motivation to do shit on their own without attaching a man to the woman's goals. 
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      I'm glad Wasp will finally get some screen time, Marvel needs more strong females in their movies.