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3 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

I'm glad they didn't name this Prometheus 2. This looks far superior to that movie.

I'm hoping we don't regret that it isn't named Prometheus 2 if it sucks.

Until then I'm trying to convince myself that AVPR was a good movie.

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No Title II Net Neutrality, No Future.

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I did see this movie today and thought it was better than Prometheus, but its not really worth the time to watch.

All the human characters there aren't worth hoping they survive.

It probably would've been great if it was just a dark comedy about a robot killing off intelligent life with Aliens.

No Title II Net Neutrality, No Future.

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Eh, they should stop making these. They'll never recapture the magic of the first 4. Michael Fassbender and Danny McBride were the only good actors in this film... Danny McBride, let that sink in. He actually did a surprisingly good job of being something other than an arrogant buffoon he's type casted himself as.

They basically threw out the whole lore of Xenomorphs and did whatever the hell they wanted to in this film. Now you can get chest busters, back bursters, and mouth bursters in several different ways. They come out as mini Xenomorphs now, instead of the traditional chest burster... even if someone gets facehugged the old fashion way... nope. Mini-Xeno! and then they become giant within seconds? I mean, I know they grow pretty fast... but hey lets make it even faster. And then lets take one, stand in a circle around it a shoot 1000 rounds into it, and magically no one gets shot or bathed in acid blood.. just one person dies because of possibly a tail swipe, but you don't know really until you get it on DVD and do it in slow mo.

The mystery of the Xenomorph's origin is ruined by some lame explanation.

Most the characters are idiots like MyK said... and the ungodly inconsistency in one of Fassbenders characters was so forced to try to make suspense, it didn't work because it was obvious what had happened. The end was shit. I probably shouldn't even use a spoiler tag to save you the money, but I'll do it. 


So Walter can heal from catasrophic injuries? Or can he? He can regenerate his neural/spinal core that gets ripped out, but can't regenerate his hand? Its insinuated by his surprise that David can't heal at that rate, much less from the same injuries he inflicted on Walter, but his under-chin nail puncture healed, while the cut on his face did not. And why didn't the crew notice this? Surely they would be aware of Walter's healing abilities enough to wonder why "he" was stapling his face. The whole trying to make you guess if it was really Walter or not was so shittly done, it was never convincing that he was Walter.

This film is pretty much a direct sequel to Prometheus.

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