The largest creatures on earth are not whales

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What's the biggest living thing on Earth? I can think of two. I'm not sure which is biggest, but neither of them is a blue whale. These are weirder. Much, much weirder.

One is a tree. The other eats trees.

Its an interesting article. It's basically a forest of trees that is all one large root cluster and the other is a giant root cluster of mushrooms that seems to be more of a root plant than actual mushrooms on the ground.


And here is a youtube video explaining it:


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I was expecting an "its unfair size argument" from this after reading that Mites are faster than Cheetahs. An argument that relies on a What If that doesn't factor in the weight of the 2 being compared. Just like the whole ants are stronger than humans but over looks the fact that if there was a human sized ant it couldn't support its own body weight.

"Cool. I always knew Atheists would someday save The World."

- Fantomex

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