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Biggest Waste of Your Time

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I'm someone who generally finishes whatever I start watching, even when I know it will probably end nowhere. I've enjoyed plenty of anime that others widely regard as garbage... I wouldn't rank them anywhere in my favorites, but I liked them for what they were. For me its pretty difficult to get on my bad side.... so what are some anime/animated series you finished that you were completely let down by, felt robbed of your time, or liked all the way through only to be completely disgusted by how it ended? Don't include series that you stopped watching before it ended.


Burst Angel - The premise was interesting. Some kid gets caught up in a mess of bad ass merc girls that take up dangerous jobs. The story doesn't really go anywhere, and never had any substance. It could have been really good, especially with the bad ass mecha... but it fell flat.


Cat Planet Cuties - I've watched a few harem anime like Sekirei and Freezing... I liked their overall story and fight sequences... this one had neither. These types of anime have generally make me laugh hysterically, which is always a huge plus in my book... but while CPC did that at some points, it left too many loose ends, and had only one major event along with no real type of conclusion.... this is one harem anime that isn't worth anyone's time.


Blue Gender - Really I can't remember too much about this anime... I watched it all the way through on Adult Swim and from what I remember, it was pretty freaking awesome... but then half way through it changed so dramatically it was like a completely different anime.... this is the part that is kinda fuzzy... I just remember the second half being bizarre... it pissed me off with how downhill and off base the series went from how it was originally presented.  I remember discussing it with friends in a "wtf happened" tone... it leaves me without a desire to watch it over again to remember what happened.





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I haven't seen Cat Planet Cuties, but then again I'm more into Kemono instead of Kemonomimi.
I enjoyed Blue Gender but I suppose once that guy stopped being afraid & that woman stopped being a hard ass it changed too much. Then there was that ending which seemed shoe horned in.
I have to say the biggest waste of my time is one of my favorites, Cowboy Bebop: The Series. Because if the main plot of the series was Spike versus Vicious then the only episodes that needed to be watched were
05 - Ballad Of Fallen Angels

12 - Jupiter Jazz Part 1

13 - Jupiter Jazz Part 2

25 - The Real Folk Blues Part 1

26 - The Real Folk Blues Part 2

And even then its never explained how Julia fits into why Vicious hates Spike. Though if her story were excluded it becomes more about Vicious being mad that Spike left. With Julia included however certain fans have assumed Julia was originally with Vicious before leaving him for Spike. That assumption however excludes the fact that in 05 Vicious is happy to see a similarity between him & Spike. Only for Spike to deny it angering Vicious who then throws Spike out that window. Or in 26 Spike tells Vicious that Julia is dead & Vicious feels no guilt.

Even worse Faye & Jet never get their own proper sendoffs. They instead have to deal with trying to prevent Spike from going on his suicide mission against Vicious. The series just ends there after that as neither Faye nor Jet were the main focus of the series even though the series didn't have a main focus to begin with.

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Two animes come to mind when I think about the biggest waste of time for me:


Neon Genesis Evangelion. I've mentioned this series a couple times and how I didn't care for it. It had great potential but fell completely flat. Others love it and thats fine, but I wish I'd have watched something else.


Claymore. This anime started off pretty epic to me, but it ended while the manga kept on going.. and the only thing I can remember of the anime now is the character "Raki" screaming like a baby.. in almost every damn episode he was in. I hated that guy. >_< I'll read the manga eventually because its supposed to be amazing. If anything, the Claymore anime should be rebooted like FMA Brotherhood.


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NGE rules, there's a lot going on. But, check out the movies, maybe it'll change your perspective? The movies follow a different story because at the time of the original series, the mangeka suffered depression and now that he's out of it, he's wanted to do a re-telling of sorts. 


Claymore changed things up around episode 19 and then it got bad. Read the manga. 


High School of The Dead, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bobobobobobobobobooooo, Attack On Titan, Strike Witches (everything), Chrono Trigger, Macross 7 (and Dynamite), Sekirei, Ninja Scroll, Maria Holic, Initial D Extra Stage, Yumeria, Angel Sanctuary ... so many more. 

I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

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I watched the old movies, read synopses, theories, etc. I didn't care for any of it. Waste of time for me. All overhyped IMO. Maybe the new stuff is better but it's on the bottom of my list of things to watch.

I do agree about the ninja scroll series. It wasn't nearly as good as the original movie.


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