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I'd love nothing more then to use the P90 but my fucking console reset my save data so I need to redo the first 5 stages again to get to where I was at before it happened. Been dreading going all the way back through it again so I'm holding off for now.


The hand flare is very effective in close quarters combat because the damn thing blinds you (not as well as a flash but it's still pretty effective). People love using the damn thing in Metro to blind you so they can suicide run into the area and hopefully get through. I've got more then a few deaths on my record attributed to being blinded my hand flares.


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I came across that issue tonight. People were hand flaring everywhere. It completely screws the Airburst IRNV scope. Incendiary grenades were blinding too, but those hand flares lasted a solid minute or two.


The server I was on did Operation Locker / Metro max tickets and it started on Locker. Check out the power of the mini grenade.. Go to 25:40 to see me get 5 kills with two grenades. I love the distance the mini can get. XD


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