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It grabbed my interest at first. From what I can tell they don't stick to the generic kemonomimi (Animal Ears).


However it started to lose my interest based on the commercial having what feels like a major spoiler about the mother becoming a single parent. And it doesn't help that how they summed up the mother's story like she was destined to be stuck in the house cooking & cleaning.


I'm confused on how long she was pregnant for each child. Since the way they state it would be about 3 months. And it probably doesn't help that I don't feel immune to the complaints from children.... Even if they are more interesting as wolves.


I won't be watching it anytime soon though since if I do it'll probably be through Digital Distribution.

Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

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Funimation makes the worst English trailers... they market a lot of their anime incorrectly. The slightest bit of fan service and the base the whole trailer on it... or they focus on some aspect that plays a minor part of the entire picture...



This has caught my interest I will say, but I've avoided funi's English trailers.



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Caught my interest, in fact I downloaded it today. Will most likely watch it tonight or tomorrow night. I agree with DX though, Funimation makes the worst trailers I've seen out of any company. On the MAL page for the movie its stated there is a year between both children, Yuki being born in the winter and Ame being born a year later during the spring.


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