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Found 101 results

  1. In this blog, I'll be making entries for the different youtube videos I've uploaded from my Playstation 4. Keep in mind, the game looks far better than what the quality of these videos are. For capturing and streaming, I do not have the PS4 set for maximum quality. But its good enough for what I want to show off. Please enjoy the videos I post.
  2. My first helicopter kill with the UCAV on BF4.
  3. My first triple kill with C4 on BF4.
  4. I didn't see the second helicopter until it was too late.
  5. I had to be aggressive with my sniper rifle once I noticed 5 enemies.
  6. I love the XM25 Airburst.
  7. I was sniping on the dam when I saw an enemy run right off the ledge and commit suicide.
  8. Destroying a helicopter with the main tank cannon.
  9. Near the end of a round, I jumped in an IFV and ended the match strong. EPIC
  10. I unlocked the mortar and on my second time using it, I realized it's potential. The mortar can be devastating against stationary recon / snipers.
  11. A couple enemies in Rhib Boats must not have realized how exposed they were.
  12. I saved a teammate by sniping.
  13. Getting kills with the UCAV.
  14. Getting another kill with the UCAV.
  15. Another kill with the UCAV.
  16. Another Double Kill with the UCAV.
  17. I finally got the bomber delivery ribbons I needed.
  18. The Bomber Cruise Missile makes a good explosion but kills nothing unless its a direct hit. It is much weaker than the JDAM bombs. Sure you can direct its movement like a TOW missile, but its not that effective.
  19. Watch as I unlock the Cruise Missile for the Bomber.
  20. I have no idea how to get the middle king assignment completed considering the SUAV will no longer kill anyone since the patch.
  21. I finally got the airburst upgrade unlocked for my UCAV and this is the results. Its a bit overpowered considering that I can get a kill with it every time I use it now. As you can see, that 90 second resupply definitely prevented me from dominating. I often jump around after getting kills with the UCAV because I want people to see where I am. I want them to counter me so I'll know how to counter it myself. Shortly after this video I was marked as a High Value Target and I was quickly killed. I have also had the UCAV (either the missile or the launcher) get destroyed by a MAV which caused it to explode in mid air, then I was sniped.
  22. I had some bad lag on this game but I was still able to get the tank destroyed.
  23. I was going for a helicopter kill, lost control of the UCAV and got a boat kill by accident.
  24. Never park a helicopter on the ground when there is someone using a UCAV. 4 kills in one shot.
  25. I've made quite a few UCAV videos over the past month. Mostly because unlocking that gadget and it's air burst assignments was a complete pain in the ass. Out of the probably 100 times I've shot that thing, I've only gotten 35 kills with it, many of those kills were multi kills which means maybe 20 shots out of 100 actually hit.. so when I got a kill with it, I saved that video as proof to myself. My future videos will now focus more on sniping, designated marksman rifles, EOD Bot kills, vehicles and other gadgets.
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