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  1. ya i would say yusuke would win against god.(like i said yokos apart of him) BIG SPOILER yusukes ancestor is raizen king of demons, practically the devil,so practically a god so that means yusuke is a god.
  2. new guy hmm.. i like that name. hiei>vegeta kurama>vegeta
  3. cell was was awesome he had all those cool techniques.hes the best dbz villian. i also loved sensui hes the most mysterious villian,and the first out of any anime to almost turn me against humanity
  4. 1.yu yu hakusho 2.dbz 3.bleach 4.naruto 5.dragonball 6.yughio 7.kenshin 8.dragonball gt 9.bible black 10.fullmetal alchemist
  5. ok you said if it werent for yoko kurama wouldnt have won, yoko is a part of kurama, so that was a pretty dumb thing to say yoko is like kuramas ssj form.the thing you said about kurama running,ofcourse he ran if he wasnt strong enough to win, thats the smart thing to do. yes vegeta coulda ran but he's stupid,like i said kuramas smart he ran and lived on, vegeta tryed to fight and died.
  6. ok how much times has vegeta died.....thank you.how much times has kurama died ..umm none.kurama shoulda died when he fought karasu but no he came up with a brilliant plan.vegeta thought he was a ssj tried to fight frieza and he died(lol).then against buu he sucker punched goku to knock him out so he can be the hero and kill buu,but no looks like he needed goku after all,so he had to self destruct himself.so in the argument of whos smarter kurama wins by far.but in the whos stronger vegeta or hiei i agree ss4 vegeta would win but i still think hiei can take ssj1 vegeta.
  7. vegeta is smarter then kurama OMG,nevermind your definetely not a yyh fan.vegeta is an idiot, who always lets his anger get in the way youve heard the z warrioirs say that countless times, plus in frieza saga when he kept on saying he was a ssj, when he wasnt. kurama has never made a mistake hes smarter then any dbz character and my opinion any anime character.like i said before yyhs power is different there not powerful by how many planets they destroy the dragon doesnt aim for the planet it aims for whoever hiei wants it too and it destroys,disentegrates,whoever that is.now the gravity by the time there s class who knows how much gravity they can fight in yusuke and hiei are already incredibly fast so probaly alot.
  8. ok sorry about that, i guess you are a yyh fan.the only reason why bui directed the flame back was because of that battle aura power that he couldnt control.i mean cmon dont underestimate the dragon its flames are from the deepest pits of hell i doubt vegeta has anything like that.do you think vegeta can hold that off ok it depends if vegeta shoots his final flash or if hiei unleashes the dragon whoever does it first wins.
  9. crimson king,you must really hate yyh every vs thread you go against yyh,anyways you made it sound too easy vegeta may be able to destroy planets,but dbzs power is diiferent then yyh.for ex.what makes dbz characters strong is how much mountains or planets they destroy yyhs different there all about spirit energy and there techiniques they have moves that cant destroy planets but can destroy any being.for example kuramas death seed if it gets planted in you your gone,also kuwabaras dimension sword which can cut through anything and last but not least hieis dragon of the darkness flame which destroys whats in its path and if vegetas in its path goodbye vegeta,so you see my point.
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