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Don't Let Breast Cancer Claim any More Lives!

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An estimated 194,280 new cases of invasive breast

cancer will occur in the United States this year --

taking the lives of 40,610 people. Although both men

and women are at risk of breast cancer, when cancer is

found in women under the age of 45, it is more likely

to be aggressive and less responsive to therapies.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so

please, take this time urge your senators to support the

Breast Cancer Education and Awareness act to save lives and

detect cancer early!


Many women do not learn much about beast health unless

they breastfeed or they have a problem that needs

medical attention. A new bill introduced in Congress

would change this.

For the past 30 years new cases of breast cancer

steadily increased and while mortality has decreased,

increasing education and addressing these life

threatening issues earlier would greatly improve cancer

survival rates.

Tell your senators to support the EARLY Act and end

the suffering and deaths caused by breast cancer.


Thanks for taking action!


Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team



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