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Mining in the Grand Canyon

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Could the Grand Canyon become the Grand Uranium Mine?

In response to the growing demand for uranium, miners are

digging thousands of new hard rock mines in the lands

surrounding the Grand Canyon. And over 1,100 of these mines are

within 5 miles of the Canyon!

Help stop this destructive digging before it's too late!

Click below to urge Interior Secretary Salazar to extend the

protections surrounding the Grand Canyon ASAP. Please hurry -

the deadline for comments is this Friday, October 30!


Mining could destroy the Grand Canyon's ecosystems by wreaking

havoc on the landscape and leaking toxic chemicals into the

environment. Cyanide and other chemicals used in hard rock

mining are the leading source of toxic pollution in the United


With mining claims positioned so close to the Canyon and the

Colorado River, these chemicals could run into the water,

harming countless species and poisoning the water supply of

millions of Americans.

We can't let that happen.

Now's your chance - send a message to Secretary Salazar before

the October 30 deadline - to make sure the Grand Canyon is



Once you've taken action, click below to send a message to your

friends and family, asking them to help save this iconic

American place before it's too late. Time is really short so

please don't delay!


Thank you again for your support.


Michael Town

Campaign Director, SaveOurEnvironment.org

We can't let that happen.


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