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Urgent Action: Yellowstone Wolf Pack Killed

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I have sad news. Yellowstone National Park's famous Cottonwood

Pack has just been destroyed -- all the adult wolves have

been killed, and the surviving pups will likely die without the rest

of their wolf family.

The Cottonwoods are just some of the latest victims of the federal

government's likely illegal decision to eliminate vital

protections for our wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the northern

Rockies. Unless we are successful in urging Interior Secretary

Ken Salazar to reverse this bad decision, hundreds more wolves will be


Please sign our petition and urge Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to

immediately take action to restore protections for these amazing



The Cottonwood wolves are not alone. They're among the more than

60 wolves already killed in the region -- a disturbingly

high number for a hunting season only weeks old.

I was there when the first wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone

National Park, and I have personally guided Defenders members to watch

the Cottonwood Pack. It is particularly heartbreaking to see one of

America's greatest conservation victories slip from our grasp because

of a policy mistake. But there is still time to correct it -- and if

we act quickly, we can still save the lives of literally hundreds of

wolves in the region.

Our wolves need your voice -- and the support of as

many others as possible who care about the future of these

magnificent animals.

Sign this important petition today. We will personally

hand-deliver your signatures to the Department of the Interior as a

powerful statement that America supports a lasting future for our



The next few weeks will be crucial for our wolves in this region. The

truth is, the future of wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the northern

Rockies is at a crossroads -- and it will take the voices of caring

wildlife supporters like you to make a difference.

Last month, a federal judge ruled that we are likely to win our

lawsuit to restore protections for these beloved wolves. But with the

lives of hundreds of wolves at stake, we can't wait for the

final ruling on our case -- a ruling that will likely not come

for many months.

Please sign our petition to Secretary Salazar today.


The Cottonwood wolves were not the first victims of the flawed

delisting -- and they certainly won't be the last. The time has

come to correct the unacceptable error made by the Obama

administration that continues to erode one of the greatest

conservation victories of the last century. Please lend your voice to

help save our wolves.


Together, we can ensure that wolves will be an enduring part of



Rodger Schlickeisen


Defenders of Wildlife


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