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Tell Obama to lead on climate change

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Four years ago this Saturday, Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans with devastating force. None of us will ever forget the heartbreaking images of residents fighting for their lives while their iconic city drowned and our leaders failed to act.

President Bush's short-term failures compounded the suffering along the Gulf Coast in those fateful days. But his dismal failure to lead on global warming has made extreme weather events like Katrina more likely in the future.

We can't settle for a world where Katrina becomes the "new normal" of our weather patterns. Our new President has an opportunity to succeed where the last one failed. Tell President Obama to lead on climate change by pushing for a strong clean energy and climate bill this year:


President Obama led boldly when he pushed through Congress an economic recovery bill that included $87 billion in clean energy investments.

We need that same leadership from him when senators go back to Washington this fall and start working again on energy and climate. Tell the President to lead by pushing the Senate for a strong clean energy bill:


As we remember the victims of Hurricane Katrina this week, let's work tirelessly to prevent a future where disasters like Katrina become the norm. A strong clean energy bill is critical to preventing such a future, but we need our President to lead Congress where it needs to go. Tell President Obama to push Congress for bold action today.

In unity,

Liz Butler

Deputy Campaign Director, 1Sky

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