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Why is this still happening?

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Federal and local agents raided two Los Angeles-area medical marijuana dispensaries this week. During the raids, agents arrested the owner of the dispensaries, seized property and money, and shot a dog.

Why is the Justice Department still using Bush-era tactics to go after medical marijuana providers when, as a presidential candidate, Obama declared medical marijuana raids a waste of federal resources? Are you as outraged as I am? Ask Congress to end this ongoing federal interference by legalizing medical marijuana: http://dpa.convio.net/site/R?i=ph_T9EZ0rDZj2lQTTms6hw..

Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) has introduced legislation to legalize marijuana for medical use. Tell Congress you support safe and legal access to medical marijuana. Write to your representative today: http://dpa.convio.net/site/R?i=RNUTeADPhNM74UvkE-1Evw..


Bill Piper

Director, Office of National Affairs

Drug Policy Alliance Network

I'd rather see filthy humans killed then animals


                                               Look at the flowers

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