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Save the Roadless Areas of the Tongass

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gotta do it

An Alaskan lumber mill recently applied and was

granted access to clear-cut 381 acres in one of the

Tongass' pristine roadless areas. And more timber sales

targeting Tongass roadless areas are just around the

corner, unless the Obama Administration takes immediate


Ask the Obama Administration to uphold the Roadless

Area Conservation Rule, which would finally protect

pristine areas of the Tongass and other irreplaceable

national forests >>


The wildest areas of the Tongass National Forest had

been saved from the timber industry's chainsaws for

years under President Clinton's administration. But

then President Bush came in and specifically removed

all protections.

Now is our opportunity to reverse the damage done in

the past eight years and restore protections for our

most cherished wild places. For the next 60 days, the

Obama administration is accepting comments from the

public about how to manage some of our country's most

pristine and wildest roadless areas.

The timing could not be more critical and we urgently

need you to help us generate as many comments as

possible! Sign the petition to permanently protect the

Tongass from Big Timber and other special interests >>



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