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I recommend this to anyone that likes Ghost Hunters. I actually prefer it over Ghost Hunters now.

Ghost Hunters style:

  • Teams of 2, with a camera guy/sound guy following them.
  • They start around 9pm and end their investigation around 3 or 4 am.
  • They often investigate in a casual manner, but focus on the integrity of their findings.
  • The almost never have a camera in their hands. Which means when they say "omg, did you see that?" The answer is no, because he does not have a camera, and the camera guy is pointed at the investigator and not what the investigator is looking at.
  • They have annoying sound effects that almost never stop even when they say "Did you hear that?"
  • They end the investigation with a reveal that shows off the highlights of what they caught.

Ghost Adventures:

  • Its just 3 guys in a haunted location. No extra crew. They are the camera guys.
  • They only go to haunted locations where confirmed deaths took place (as far as I know), and they always provoke ghosts to attempt to get results.
  • They actually lock themselves in the location they are investigating and do not leave until around 7am.
  • However, they do not do things scientifically like look for sources of high EMF or other possible explanations like ghost hunters does. (which is a shame).
  • Because they are the camera guys, when they say "oh shit! did you see that!?" They actually catch it on film.
  • They have annoying sound effects too, but they cut them away with good editing whenever a noise happens.
  • Instead of having a 'reveal' at the end of the investigation, they show what they caught as the episode progresses. ie. "Little did we know at the time, but we actually caught this at this particular moment..." *cuts to video playback*

All in all, this show is pretty entertaining. I remember seeing a "Ghost Adventures" special a long time ago and I never knew it turned into a series until 2 weeks ago because I never watch the travel channel. The new season started last friday and there is a new episode tonight. Just about every episode I have seen so far (I watched a marathon last friday), there has been paranormal audio and/or video footage. Check it out guys.


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