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end of season cliffhangers......

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all my shows i watch have ended in cliff hangers have to wait all summer for a conclusion.

why cant they just skip a few filler episodes from the season and complete the story in one season.

Smallville: Doomsday is trapped but Zod appears. Lois lost in time (clarks' legion ring)

Shit episode tbh, a whole season bigging up doomsday and ended in like 5 mins.

also again clark hasnt yet had a real fight.

Supernatural: Lucifer rises at the end, angels shitted on humanity and dean/sam.

ruby screwed them from the start.

the whole series lead to this moment from Azazal (season1)

Chuck: Chuck gets a new intersect. and learns Kung fu. turns out fulcrum was part of 'the circle' and not the true bad guy


have to wait to september to get my TV fix

anyone else show end badly??


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Avoid sci fi channel shows if ya don't wanna wait 6-8 months for the second half of a single season


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Guest MagicOPromotion

Cant wait Good to have something on TV that I can look forward to watching again. I havent had much to look forward to since Sunny finished their season. Fringe is Cool but its just not LOST..


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