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Green light huge desalination plant

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SAN DIEGO - San Diego's water board gave final approval Wednesday for construction of the largest water desalination plant in the Western hemisphere.

The $320 million project proposed by Poseidon Resources could come online by 2012 in Carlsbad and produce 50 million gallons of drinking water a day, or 10 percent of the supply for San Diego County.


The pressure to find new sources of clean water has been increasing with drought conditions and as traditional sources across California are becoming more unreliable.

The water table in the west is about tapped to its maximum. It's more then a not enough rain problem, glaciers have receded and vanished. A non existent glacier cannot provide you with run off water yo.

Unfortunately for ppl concerned about marine life, desalination is the only way to secure the water supply. No rain + no melting ice = no water. No water = no agriculture and unsanitary living conditions (aside from dehydration and death that occurs after a few days without drinking)


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