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Urgent: Anti-choice extremists move to block Gov. Sebelius

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Your senators need to hear from you right now. President Obama's

nominee for secretary of health and human services, Kansas Gov.

Kathleen Sebelius, is under attack from anti-choice extremists.

They want to block her confirmation, and they're doing

everything they can to convince their allies in the Senate to

play along.

We need you to take action to make sure Gov. Sebelius is

confirmed. Click here to contact your senators now:


Gov. Sebelius is a leading health policy expert, a popular

governor, and a strong advocate for increased health care

access. But none of that matters to the radical groups that have

decided to protest her nomination. They are dead set on blocking

any nominee with a history of supporting access to full

reproductive health care services -- and they're pressuring the

Senate to play along.

Your senators need to hear from you. Tell them to confirm Gov.

Sebelius as secretary of health and human services.


After eight long years of attacks on women's health care and

with more and more families left uninsured, we face a true

crisis. Countless women and their families are struggling to

afford quality health care during these difficult times, and we

can't afford to let anti-choice extremists use their influence

in the Senate to block confirmation of Gov. Sebelius. Please

stand with me now in urging your senators to vote for



Thank you so much for your quick response -- by speaking up now,

you're helping us move toward real health care reform.


Cecile Richards, President

Planned Parenthood Federation of America


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