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April 6th deadline

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Fourteen states want to cut their global warming emissions, but

an old Bush administration decision is standing in the way!

Although the states are eager to impose stricter auto emissions

standards, a federal decision currently forbids them from


Luckily, the new Obama administration's Environmental Protection

Agency (EPA) is considering reversing this bad policy right now.

They're asking for public input on this decision but we only

have five days left to weigh in.

Click below to submit your comment before the EPA's April 6th



Global warming threatens the future of the entire planet. And

pollution from cars is a prime culprit, accounting for 20% of

the nation's carbon dioxide emissions.

California and 13 other states, together representing 40% of the

U.S. automobile market, stand ready with a bold solution -

require carmakers to reduce the amount of pollution from their


This would be just the incentive the auto industry needs to

start building cleaner cars. They will have no choice if they

want to stay competitive. And it will be a critical

shot-in-the-arm to the green economy.

But under the existing Bush administration ruling, these

fourteen states - including New York, California and Arizona -

need permission from the federal government to change their own

state regulations.

It is time to reverse this decision which is blocking progress

on global warming. Please take a moment to submit your comment

to the EPA about this now.


Don't delay - the comment period ends on April 6th!

Once you've sent your comment, please help us reach a critical

mass by spreading the word. Click below to urge your friends and

family to join you in contacting the EPA before April 6th.


Let's make sure we don't miss this chance to improve the way we

make our cars and take huge strides toward cleaner air and a

healthier planet.

Thank you again for your help.


Michael Town

Campaign Director, SaveOurEnvironment.org



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