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Know your power "Coal Costs"

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A new ad released by the deep-pocketed Coal Industry defines deception in corporate advertising. The ad uses sleight of hand, keeping your attention on snappy imagery and messaging of coal being the "affordable" energy source behind American workers. The ad wraps up with the falsehood of "clean coal"—Remember that Al Gore said, "Clean coal's like healthy cigarettes — it does not exist." Watch the Video.

spacer_red.png What the ad doesn't tell you is that coal-fired electricity is the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive form of energy, with an enormous cost to public health which translates into billions of dollars of health-care costs and tax-payer burden. Coal doesn't look so "affordable" when you see the true costs to the economy, public health and a livable planet.

The American Lung Association estimates that pollution from coal-fired power plants causes 23,600 premature deaths, 21,850 hospital admissions, 554,000 asthma attacks, and 38,200 heart attacks every year.

Watch the ad on YouTube and rate it low to demonstrate to the Coal Industry that you won't be deceived by its slick but false advertising.


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