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halt all new drilling in these Arctic seas

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One of the harshest environments in the world is that

of the Arctic Ocean. Yet remarkably these waters are

rich in both marine and land-based wildlife. Pacific

walrus, polar bears and bowhead whales swim and hunt in

these waters, a region particularly hard-hit by climate


Now, oil and gas companies want to drill in these

waters, though there's no evidence that drilling can be

done safely. In fact, according to government research,

there's a 40 percent chance of a large spill occurring.

Tell the federal Minerals Management Service to halt

all new drilling in these Arctic seas! >>


There's not a lot of time. The public comment period

ends March 30, and it's our only chance to speak up. We

must speak out on behalf of Arctic wildlife, upon which

the very culture of local communities depends.

Climate change is already making survival harder for

arctic creatures. Oil and gas exploration would bring

devastating impacts: seismic booms, air and water

pollution and oil spills for which no cleanup

technology exists. If you're like me, you won't stand

to see a single walrus or polar bear coated in black


I don't oppose all energy development, but America

can craft her energy future without sacrificing

critical wildlife habitat.

Please write the MMS today and ask them to rescind

this lease sale >>


Thank you,


Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


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