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A Good Deal for our Climate, Made in Copenhagen

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A Good Deal for our Climate, Made in Copenhagen

We have just over eight months until the UN Climate Negotiations will begin in Copenhagen, and during these eight months decisions will be made that will affect the likelihood of a good deal for our climate coming out of those negotiations. Right now there are two things you can do to affect those decisions:

1. EU leaders must learn to share

Sharing is one of the first lessons we're taught as children, and it is what EU leaders will need to do in order to ensure a good deal for our climate. They must share responsibility for the EU's emissions and the cost of funding developing nations so that they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change. In short, they need to bail out our planet. The Polish Prime Minister is not quite ready to share in the responsibilities and costs of funding climate action. Ask him not to block a deal that can help save our planet from climate change.

2. IT to the rescue!

You can transform the leaders of the IT industry, the CEOs of companies like Cisco, Fujitsu, Google, HP, IBM, Nokia and Microsoft, into climate superheroes! These IT climate leaders will use their influence for the good of the planet, they will lobby for a strong climate deal, they will cut their own emissions, and priortize green technology! They just need a little encouragement, from you, to transform into the climate leaders we need them to be.

spacer_red.pngspacer_red.png The Revolution is Recruiting

Greenpeace called for revolution on a global scale back in October, and the Energy [R]evolution continues to gain recruits, from the USA where it launched on March 11, to India in the next few weeks, and soon revolution will be coming to Russia and Chile. The Energy [R]evolution has also managed to recruit actress Susan Sarandon, who lends her voice to the first of three 'Reasons to Believe' videos.

spacer_red.pngspacer_red.png If Turtles could talk ...

They would say 'Thank you' to the 103,000 of you who sent e-mails to the construction company hired by Tata, and told them you prefer a nesting ground for sea turtles rather than a big, ugly port. To keep up the pressure, you can send a message directly to Mr. Ratan Tata's desk and tell him to stop the destructive port. Simply click here to join this 100% crowdsourced campaign.


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