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see if they'll stand with us or with Rush.

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Have you heard Republican leaders in Washington attacking

President Obama's plan to build a clean energy economy and solve

global warming?

They sound a lot like Rush Limbaugh. Watch this tongue-in-cheek

video we made and you'll see when Republican leaders in

Washington open their mouths on these critical issues, all you

hear is Rush.


Some Republican Governors like Charlie Crist and Arnold

Schwarzenegger are leading the way on renewable energy and

global warming. But Republican leaders in Washington are just

recycling old ideas and outdated critiques - just like Rush

spews out on the radio every day.

Watch the video and make sure your friends see it too. As

Congress gets ready to debate energy and global warming, we need

to challenge these Republican leaders to see if they'll stand

with us or with Rush.



Gene Karpinski


League of Conservation Voters


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