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Help Obama strengthen pollution targets

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Our planet is warming at an alarming rate, but scientists say we can solve the climate crisis if we act quickly. That's why it's so important for President Obama to strengthen the target he has set for reducing global warming pollution by the year 2020.

Unfortunately, Obama's current proposal is to return to 1990 pollution levels by 2020. This would be a significant reduction, but not nearly enough, fast enough.

Let there be no mistake: if we fail to reduce pollution much more swiftly than the Obama administration is contemplating, we face the prospect of irreversible climate impacts that could devastate human civilization. In addition, the faster we cut emissions, the more jobs we can create by switching to a clean energy economy. That's why we're joining with our allies in asking you to take action today.

Help President Obama and congressional leaders strengthen their goals for reducing global warming pollution:


Why hasn't Obama strengthened his target? After all, he has made global warming a top priority and said his decisions will be grounded in science. A recent speech from Obama's top climate negotiator provides the answer. Speaking about the 2020 target, the negotiator said: "At the same time we are being guided by the science and doing the math, we cannot forget that we are engaged in a political process and that politics ? is the art of the possible."

Any climate targets will have to pass Congress. President Obama is concerned there isn't enough political support for the strong pollution reductions that are needed--that corporate lobbyists and Washington insiders are more likely to pay attention to policy details like a 2020 emission reduction than citizens and voters like us.

Let President Obama and congressional leaders know we'll provide the grassroots support that will make stronger pollution reduction targets possible.

On behalf of the 1Sky team,

Gillian Caldwell,

Campaign Director, 1Sky


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