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Punisher Warzone

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just watched this, and wow,

i didnt have high hopes after the shitty 1st movie, but damn this movie is awsome

the actor for frank castle is great for the role

and he captured the char perfectly imo, punisher doesnt make agreements with criminals. he takes the information and punishes ;p

faint hearted be warned, lots of blood, and when people get shot, they generally make a mess. and a lot of faces get blown apart

aside from that, it has elements of the comic world,

the bad guys are total nut jobs.

great action movie, with a hint of comic essence

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Bruce Campbell: '' This place has more security then the Batcave ''

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I tried to watch this film and got halfway through....

It's just that right off the bat the plot was already souring, the action was choppy/clumsy, and the acting didn't feel right. I should have known better watching a movie before checking reviews. I noticed on rotten tomatoes that nobody has even bothered reviewing the film at all since it's release o. O;;

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