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Kakashi (Gaiden) or Sasuke (Pre-timeskip)?

Which one  

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  1. 1. Which one

    • Sasuke
    • Kakashi
    • Both are equal

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If you don't read the manga, you may be in the dark on this. May also contain spoilers for anime watchers only. I'll put tags around it just to be safe.

If you've read the Kakashi Gaiden, then you know how Kakashi used to be when he was thirteen, and we all know how Sasuke was pre-timeskip. So, from looking at the two, which one do you think was worse? I mean, which one was more arrogant, meaner, just had the worse attitude in general.

I go with Sasuke, but my friend thinks that's it's definantly Kakashi.


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I was originally thinking Kakashi myself, but its a toss up for me. The fact that Kakashi was picked to be in command of a team at such a young age makes you think he had team qualities to him. And the fact that he hid his face shows that he was either feeling shame about his resemblance to his father or his own self worth. While Sasuke was always noticable but never social.


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